Kirby’s Kids: Our 2018-2019 Homeschool Curriculum Reveal

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Ohhhh! I am so excited to be sharing this post with you. The kids are pretty excited about it too! My fingers are going faster than my brain as I am typing and somehow or another they are managing to put into words what I want to say. I did show a sneak peak of some of the items we’ve received in this post here but now I am going to show you everything we have right now.

If you haven’t seen my latest posts about homeschooling check out the links here but if you are only interested in what we have planned for this year, please keep scrolling.

I’ve been talking about how excited I am for our next homeschool year and I just can’t wait to get started. I have actually talked about this curriculum before but its been awhile. My kids are finally at the age that I think this will work out really well for everyone.

I want to make it known that I am still a huge fan of Easy Peasy All-In-One-Homeschool and Discovery but right now this will be our main curriculum as I really wanted to get away from so much screen time. I’m just so excited although I know that this will mean more hands on time for me but I’ve loved this idea since I first came across it in 2016. At the time the kids were a bit young and I decided to wait but when they happened to see a couple of shows on TV and showed a lot of interest I decided the time was right.

Also this decision was made well in advance of the recent publicity that this series has had.  I purchased the main book back in 2016 before I had an inkling of what was going on right now.

Are you ready? Drum Roll please…..


This is the majority of it and I’ll break it all down piece by piece below:


Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventures Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide

I know this isn’t for everyone and it’s not the newest or most exciting thing this year but it is going to be so much FUN! We will be using the Prairie Primer… I plan to do a lot of the activities but as you know sometimes I venture off course and I may end up using this more as a guide. I have include affiliate links to the products we’ve purchased. Purchases made from these links cost nothing extra and help to support our blog.


I did buy this book here so I can read it aloud to the kids before we get started. I think this will benefit the older kids more so they can get a better understanding of who Laura Ingalls Wilder was. The kids are really enjoying the book so far. I read a little bit to them at lunch time and/or before bedtime.


I’ve ordered several items to go along with it as I really want to get back to some old school methods of learning and simpler ways of living. What better way than with The Little House on the Prairie books, which we already had on the book shelf? This DVD set is on my wish list as I really think the kids will enjoy watching them.

I’ve purchased these math books here:


I already had and used these readers and spelling books:


And these books for handwriting:


There are these for Home Ec and we have several other projects planned:


I think the girls will love the paper dolls and everyone will enjoy the coloring pages and the fun new to us recipes that we will find.

Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventures Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide

Then these for Science:


And Social Studies:


The little guys won’t let me forget Arts & Crafts:


Here is a couple of other items we’ve purchased to go along with it as well:


These came from Lakeshore Learning which is one of my favorite places to shop for educational and special needs materials.

And then some of these for extra studies:


And these:

I’ve also been rereading these for a few tips and encouragement before we get this next school year started:

These are most of the books I ordered specifically to go with our Prairie Primer studies. There are a couple of others on my ‘Wish List’ that I am working on getting.

All work and no play would definitely make for some boring days. We’ve added a couple of new games to our collection to help build different skills through play:

Games can be so beneficial for learning different skills like time management, fine motor skills, math, reading, listening, sportsmanship, socializing, and so many more. I do have a couple more on the way soon!

We also have a slew of other materials and activities that we will be rotating through the year:


Tons of books! Not too mention the ones we now have access to with our new library cards! I’ve also been leaving a couple of items like this owl clock and abacus out for the kids to play with. Our newest counting abacus was keeping Jacob entertained when I took this picture.

The bottom shelves hold a lot of information and resources for other studies that we will be using from time to time throughout the year.


This book shelf holds our ‘Daily Readings’… I’m not exactly sure what I want to call it yet but these are books that are divided up according to seasons, holidays, and other events. I have them in order from January to December and there is a wide variety of topics included as you may be able to see.

Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventures Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide

I plan on making some sort of dividers and I had some of our seasonal activities here too but the shelf got too full. Now I have the activities in this purple/gray container here:


It is a bit full already so I probably need to weed through these and/or find a new storage solution for them. I plan on using the beige container to hold upcoming worksheets and such for easy access. I’m thinking that instead of buying a planner for me I am going to enter all of the lessons and ideas into Homeschool Manager and then print off the weekly schedule to keep in my planning binder. Then I can just check off the lessons as we complete them.

I still need to grab a few binders for the kids so we can keep up with all of these fun lessons. I’m really gonna try to do better with their portfolios this year and add stuff to them on a more regular basis.

We have most of the supplies in that we’ve ordered and I’m sure that the UPS and Fed Ex guys will be so thankful for that. I do have a few things I’d like to order and some that I need to reorder because of a computer glitch earlier this week but we are pretty much set to start soon.

I plan to incorporate some of the other items we already have into the lessons as well.

I’m really trying to be as frugal as I can and use as much as we already have. We have a lot of DVDs and other items that will go along with several of the lessons I’ve looked through already. These have been accumulated over a period of years! A lot of these items have been purchased through Amazon and Lakeshore Learning.

I have ordered quite a bit through William’s scholarship so that I can try to spend more one on one time with in some areas. Some items will be used to try to motivate him to work a little bit more independently as well. William is really interested in these bags with the big books and puppets that I have hanging up. I’ll try to work one or two of those into our daily reading soon. I also have some books with CDs on order and hopefully they’ll be here soon so he can start using his reading center.

We’ve been so excited every time a package comes in the mail. It’s been a job getting everything organized over the past couple of weeks but I am so glad we toughed it out. We still have some areas to work on and I hope we can get to them sooner rather than later… babysteps, I know, one step at a time. There are still a few things to order and reorder because of a glitch in the system earlier this week.

Now even though we are doing a lot old school stuff I’ll still be adding in some new tech/STEM stuff like these items that we already have on the shelf:


I am working on a few lessons so I can include the younger kids as the Prairie Primer is intended for grades 3-7. I know most of the lessons can be adjusted for the little ones but they will need a little bit more one on one time with Momma too.


I am hoping to incorporate our Spielgaben set into some of these lessons. We purchased this several years ago and unfortunately have not used it as much as I wish we had. The past several months it has just been an expensive, very expensive dust collector… that’s gonna change though. This link here is the a similar set of items.

We will also be having some/most of the kids starting up square dance lessons for PE. I thought this would tie in really well with our theme. Mr. Awesome will be teaching the kids gun safety which was part of the study suggestions in the Prairie Primer. This reminds me that I need to check on a hunter safety course so I won’t have a ‘restricted’ hinting license this year.

I’ll also still let the kids have some free learning on the computers and tablets as we will be doing this curriculum for 4 days a week. One day will be for free learning, library, field trips, and catching up. The kids have been begging me to sign up for ABC Mouse again so I’ll probably do that later this week.

Talk about field trips, boy do I have some really good ideas. We are fortunate enough to be close to a few places that will tie into this theme really well. These are some of our family favorite places to visit. We haven’t taken Mr. Awesome and his boys yet but I think that will change here in the near future.

The kids always love to visit the Mill Creek Retirement Home for Horses. Admission is a bag of carrots so we always try to bring the biggest bag we can find. Horses tie into the theme as well, right? Even if they don’t we always get a lot of exercising in and the peopl are always so friendly and give us a lot of information.

Then the Morningside Nature Center is just a hop, skip, and jump or two from us and the kids really love going there. They explore the cabin, play with the old time toys, and feed the animals. The volunteers are always so helpful and answer any questions that the kids have as well. We usually have a picnic lunch afterwards right there near the farm.

There is also the Dudley Farm Historic State Park and many other sites that we will be exploring. These sites also offer a wide variety of activities like making yarn dolls, cane boils, festivals, and other recreations of life in the pioneer days. How can you not have fun?

Be sure to follow along with our blog so you too can join in our homeschool adventures as we travel back to the pioneer days and recreate some of the wonderful stories told by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We’ll be taking lots of pictures, maybe doing a few vlogs here and there, and sharing a lot of the resources that we have found with you. We’ll also share links and deals to specials that we come across too.

If you are interested in trying this out you can use any of the affiliate links I provided in this post to check out what we are using. I’ll try to make up a printable checklist of materials that we are using here soon and I’ll update this post as I can with new ideas so you may want to bookmark the page for future reference.

I also have a whole board on Pinterest, Homeschool: Little House On The Prairie Resources, dedicated to this year’s studies. Be sure to follow the board for updates on new pins that I find. I’ve been pinning for a few years now and should have a plethora of resources on there. I have also started a board with ideas for new studies based on different literature. I am not certain if those will pan out or not but I hope they do and I will share them in the future. If you have some favorite books that you think our family would enjoy please share them in the comments below.

What are you plans for the next year?

Happy Homeschooling


Now that I’ve pulled everything outta the tote I’ve got to find a place to store it!

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Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventures Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide

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