Kirby’s Kids: Homeschool June 2018 Updates

I’ve been working quite a bit lately on planning our homeschool and put out several homeschool related posts. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out you can click on the links below.

Kirby’s Kids: Making The Decision To Homeschool

Kirby’s Kids: The Who, How, Where, and When of Your Homeschool

Kirby’s Kids: Choosing, Buying, and Organizing Your Homeschool

I also put out a FREEprintable here in this post:

Kirby’s Kids: Our Favorite Homeschool Supplies and Printable Checklist

If you missed the sneak peek of some of the items for our 2018-19 school year then check out this post here.

Have you started your back to school shopping yet? 

I placed a big order through the special needs scholarship, I mentioned it here, and I am still waiting on the items to start rolling in. I’ve been crazy busy today just trying to sort through the tons of homeschool stuff I already have. It’s not an easy thing for me to decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I’d love to keep it all, if I had the room to store it. Anyways, say a little prayer for me that I’ll get this mission completed before the UPS truck backs up to the porch and unloads the mountain of goodies we have coming in.

A couple of my favorite places to shop, other than Amazon and eBay, for educational resources and supplies are:

(Yes, I have included a few affiliate links to our favorite back to school shopping sites.)

  • Fun and Function LLC toys and tools for kids with special needs
  • Lakeshore Learning School Supplies and Teacher Store – Educational Materials for Preschools, Elementary Classrooms and More
  • Internet Ink Internet-ink supply ink cartridges, toner cartridges, writing pens and office supplies to consumers locally and online for nearly 15 years.
  • Oriental Trading: Part Supplies, Toys, Crafts, and More

I’ve also found some great deals on clothes at the following links:

  • Gymboree Shop Gymboree for children’s clothing that will last and have your child looking their best!
  • Schoola  Amazing savings on quality clothes and 40% funds school programs for our kids. Use my link and get $10 free
  •   The largest online consignment store with apparel for the entire family. Free Shipping on your first order of $10 or more with this link.
  • Walmart: Every Day Low Prices at Wal-Mart Shop Smart Savings for Back to School at!

And you can get your kid’s some really awesome personalized back packs here:

These are so cool! Kinda makes me wish I had someone that needed one for school.

And when I am shopping I always try to make sure that I use my Ebates or Swag Bucks apps whenever possible. (I got back almost $10.00 from Ebates and I earned a $25.00 Walmart gift card just this past month, before my little shopping spree.) I also love the Honey app as it finds the best deals and coupons for me to automatically save me money.

Anyway you can always check out my Affiliate Links page for all of the great deals I’ve found and my affiliate links.

Thanks for following and reading our posts!

Happy Homeschooling!

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