Top 5 Back To School Worries For 2018

It’s almost time for many of us to get those kids ready to head back to school. Well, my kids have never left…lol. That’s a plus to homeschooling but sometimes it can be a downside too because this Momma just needs a BREAK every now and then. If my kids can see me then I am ‘on call’. In this tiny house that is pretty much 24/7.

We are gearing up to get ready to start a fresh homeschool year which will be our 5th year! Wow! Where has time gone? Anyway I am so excited to be using the PRAIRIE PRIMER this year. We have enjoyed reading the biography which I had hoped to have finished by now but we aren’t quite there yet. I have pretty much gotten our first four weeks planned out. I still need to look through a few activities and plug them into a few gaps.

1. Learning Disabilities

I am also going to look through some of the new items that we purchased for William. His learning disabilities mean that we do have to practice some things more than others and I really try to keep things interesting. I know I get tired of doing the same thing again and again. When William gets tired of repeating something that usually ends up in disaster. And I realize I am off topic… Oops, sorry guys!

I haven’t slept at all for over a day… going on two. I’ve just had a lot on my mind and learning disabilities was one of them. Actually it seems to be one of the BIG back to school concerns right now as we head into the new school year.

The Complete Learning Disabilities Handbook: Ready-to-Use Strategies and Activities for Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities

2. Meal Planning

Another concern is Meal Planning. Well, right now I can help you out with that. I not only have this helpful post with FREE printables right here, 30+ Days of Quick and Easy Back To School Breakfast Ideas I also mention a special sale going on for one of my ebooks in this post. I also love using my Cozi app to help me set up a recurring meal plan. Why don’t you give it a try? It’s FREE!

3. Bullying

I think Bullying is definitely a big concern for some people. There are many who have even pulled their kids out of school and decided to homeschool to get away from the problem. We had some pretty serious issues when my older kids were in school and I am so glad that is over now. If you want to learn more about how to stop Bullying you can check out this book on Amazon.

4. Routines

I don’t find it surprising that more and more people are looking for help setting up routines right now. I know how crazy it can be to get everyone back on schedule after Summer Break. I have written several posts about routines because I know just how important they are in our home. I just published this post as part of my ‘Simplify Your Life’ series I did.

5. Back To School Shopping

Last but definitely not least on the list is Back To School Shopping! We have most of ours finished up. I still need to check on a HUGE order I placed back in June as none of it has arrived. I think it has gotten caught up on the web somewhere. Right now I have a back to school giveaway going on that may help out a bit if you still have a few things to buy. Go check it out and Enter To Win!

I have another topic that some people may have forgotten about but it always concerned me when I knew the kids were headed back to school. That is a post for another day though, hopefully one day soon so that you can grab this last minute essential if you haven’t already.

What concerns do you have as your kids head back to school?



2 thoughts on “Top 5 Back To School Worries For 2018

  1. This is a great post! I don’t miss the bullying issues we had when my kids went to public school. I think my main concern with starting a new homeschool year is scheduling so that we accomplish all we want to and I always need help with meal planning. I’ll have to look at Cozi. But I’m also tired of explaining why we homeschool when no one else around us does and being the odd ones in the neighborhood. I need to figure out how to not let it get to me.

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