Snakes, Scholarships, Samples and a Sneak Peek — Repost

This post was posted a week or so ago but had somehow lost all of its content. I’ll give it another try and see what happens.

As many of you know we live on a pond. Not near a pond but on… like most of the house sits on stilts in the pond! This can be quite fascinating to some, especially the idea that our neighbors can swim, kayak, canoe, or jet ski over to visit. The down side to this is that snakes can also come visit quite easily.

Monday I had a slithery visitor, Mr. Black Snake, who has kept out of sight since our last run in. That’s a good thing although I’ve been very cautious when I walk out the laundry shed.

Another visitor I really don’t like are unsolicited salespeople. Whether it’s a telemarketer who calls at dinner time, an email spammer, or worse a door to door salesperson. Okay, I know they aren’t all bad but I’m not crazy about unsolicited sales tactics.

I’ve had a few nasty telemarketers. You can read about one horrible experience I had and how I got rid of him once and for all in my ebook, 10+ Easy Tips to Handle Annoying Telemarketers.

I usually try to unsubscribe, if possible from mailing lists, and if that doesn’t work I send the annoying emails to my SPAM folder. I do get quite a few of those emails and I’m sure some of them come from samples I’ve signed up for.

The scariest thing I’ve had happen recently, other than the cyber stalker which may explain why I’ve been so on edge about this incident, was a woman who showed up at my door. I heard the knock and didn’t recognize it. Yes, we get very few visitors so I can usually recognize people by their footsteps and/or knocks.

I was headed to the door when one of the kids opened it before I could get there. We later went over the safety issues with this and explained why grownups should be the only ones to open the door. There stood a stranger ready to step inside my home to sell me something I wasn’t interested in.

I was really caught off guard as we live back in the woods off the well beaten path. I was able to get rid of them in a pleasant manner and went on about my day. The whole encounter was a bit strange and unsettling though as she had insisted that one of my neighbors had referred her to me yet the names and photos of them did not look evenly remotely familiar.

It’s a sad thing as this may be a legitimate company but there are so many evil people out there that we can’t trust anyone. This holds especially true when they start asking questions about my children.

So anyway we now know I don’t like snakes or salespeople. Just so you know I was in sales (not door to door) at one time and I did rather well even though I refused to be pushy. I know how tough it can be.

So what do I like?

I like scholarships like the Florida Gardiner Scholarship that my special needs son gets. It really comes in handy to help me buy supplies and tools that help him have a wonderful learning experience.

Just this week I’ve placed a HUGE order for some supplies to help him participate and engage in the program we will be using this upcoming year. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it goes through as that would probably help to make this our most awesome homeschool year ever!

Placing the order and submitting receipts for reimbursement took me a lot longer than I had planned Tuesday night. I was so tired Wednesday morning that I almost didn’t make those wonderful Cinnamon Roll Muffins that I’m still drooling over.

One thing I really like are samples, especially FREE ones. Just in the past week or two we came home to find 5 full size jars of peanut butter that the UPS man had left. This week also had:

  • A FREE magazine with FREE shampoo samples
  • FREE tampons
  • FREE cat food
  • FREE lotion
  • A FREE shoe organizer
  • FREE books

Yesterday I got this huge box too.


Guess what was in it?


FREE chocolate!

This is by far one of my favorite FREE samples yet. If you want to start getting some of these awesome deals like and follow my Facebook Page @kirbyskoupons. I’ve been a little slow posting deals but I am getting caught and will get back on track.

Just earlier this week I got approved for a DIY craft testing panel. Won’t that be a ton of fun?

I guess I seriously need to get my butt in gear to get these homeschool cabinets organized. If not, I don’t know where I’m a gonna put all the stuff I ordered.

So are you ready for a sneak peek at some of the supplies we’ve gotten in so far? We’ve outgrown the original tote I was using but I had a bigger one that I had emptied when we worked on the Family Closet.

Here are a few of the items…. drumroll please.


A couple of these items like the McGuffey Readers and the spelling book I already had and my kids have been using them to learn to read. I’m excited to be using the Ray’s math and the Spencerian Penmanship books as well. The covers on those last two I mentioned are so nice!

In addition to these items we’ve also received these here:img_3701

And this book just came in today:


If you are interested in any of these books you can use the affiliate links I’ve provided, for which I may earn a small commission, or you can check eBay or the used books on Amazon. (Right now they are even offering a 30 day FREE trial of Amazon Prime so you could possibly qualify FREE shipping on your purchases plus lots of other great benefits as well. I’ve saved a fortune on shipping alone and have just recently been using the Prime Videos to watch movies for FREE.) I’ve also seen some of them listed cheaper if you opt for the kindle versions. You can always check for them at your local library as well.

Another thing I really like even though it was listed is you, my dear readers! I appreciate all of you and how you put up with my randomness. That really means a lot to us!

Thank you!

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