Homeschool Resources

This is a list of some of the educational sites and resources that we currently use. I will update this list on a regular basis.

New to homeschooling? Click HERE for homeschooling laws in your state!

Be sure to check out our HUGE list of Educational Games as well!

Educational Sites

ABC Mouse

Bible Games Central

Character Concepts

Discovery K12


Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool We really love the new system they have! (You can purchase some items if you wish. They also offer a Genesis Curriculum that you must buy materials for.)

Khan Academy

Kids Cook Real Food

Kids Health

Kids of Integrity

Learn To Draw

Live the Adventure Club you can also find some of them on AMAZON.

Mystery Science

Productive Homeschooling

Skill Trek

Step Up For Students Scholarship

Teach Your Monster To Read

Trim Healthy You Curriculum


YouTube  lots of educational videos

Yesteryear Gazette


Educational Resources

Ed Helper (We do not currently use this site but have I have many good things about it.)

NWT Literacy Council (They have a lot of great ‘real-life’ workbooks you can print for FREE like the ones below.)

Teachers Pay Teachers (lots of free and low-cost resources available)


FLORIDA GARDINER SCHOLARSHIP (This scholarship is available to special needs children in Florida who meet certain criteria. Please see the site for more details.)

Also, see here for more details about the Florida Gardiner Scholarship.


Private/Umbrella Schools

Florida Unschoolers (Florida Unschoolers is a private umbrella school for unschoolers and other home educators in Florida.)



Homeschool Managers (makes record keeping so much simpler) see my post about this app HERE.

Lakeshore Learning

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