Square Dance Shopping

myAvatar (8)Maybe you are interested in square dancing or maybe you are just curious about all the fluff… whatever your reason for finding this page I hope you find what you were looking for.  I know I was so overwhelmed the first time I went shopping!

When looking for a square dance outfit you can sometimes ask around and find a couple for cheap. Many clubs offer square dance ‘shops’ where you can buy gently used items for a big discount.

Square Dance Attire

The traditional Square Dance outfit evolved as Square Dance became very popular in the USA in the 1950s and ’60s. Therefore the fashion from these times still dominates the Square Dance attire. Every Square Dance club has its own rules about whether the dancers should dress up or can come in casual clothes.

At evening dances and special events, you definitely should dress in the traditional Square Dance attire. But at all times, dress neatly. Never dress down for a dance.


The traditional dress code for men is long trouserslong sleeve shirts with collar tips and a neckerchief or a bolo tie.


The traditional dress code for ladies is a circular skirt, a petticoat(crinoline), and pettipants or a long western skirt with a blouse in matching colors are appropriate.

**The more yards in a petticoat, the fuller the petticoat will be.

Many clubs have adopted the ‘Square Dance attire is admired, but not required‘ attitude so you should always check with your clubs dress code.

The main online places I have purchased my outfits from are listed below:


Petticoat Junction Dance Shop

Rhythm Creations Square Dance Shop

Square Up Fashions

I have also purchased apparel and gifts from:

Cafe Press

If you happen to know of any other places let me know in the comments below.


**This post does contain some affiliate links.


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