I know I don’t have a whole lot of these recipes but I do have some that can serve double duty and be used if you need ‘heavy refreshments’ at a party or dinner. You can also search Pinterest for meat, cheese, fruit, and vegetable tray ideas.

Recipe Links:

Cajun Dipping Sauce

Deviled Eggs

French Onion or Ranch Dip

Fried Cauliflower/Vegetables


Homemade Ranch Dressing

Japanese White Sauce

Oven-Fried Mushrooms

Party Cheese Ball

Pickled Eggs

Pigs in a Blanket

Quick & Easy Garlic Bread or Garlic Cheesy Bread

Sandwiches can be cut and made into ‘finger foods’

Sausage Balls

Simple Blender Hummus

S’mores Dip

Smushed Taters

Smushed Taters In The CrockPot

Spinach Dip

Sweet and Sour Meatballs

The Easiest Boiled Eggs Ever!

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