The Easiest Boiled Eggs Ever!

Let me tell you guys about this awesome new trick I learned for ‘boiling’ eggs. Well, first it may not be new to some of you and if you don’t happen to have an instant pot or power cooker than it might not be an option but I was so excited and it is really gonna be such a game-changer here. (Recipe at the bottom.)

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You can ‘boil’ eggs in your power cooker! My mom had mentioned something to me about it before so I decided to ask my little friend
Google who promptly pulled up a ton of helpful articles including this video here:

I was so excited and gave it a try. Lo and behold, it worked! I ended up doing about 3 dozen eggs and turned 2 dozen or so into pickled eggs that are sitting in the fridge right now. I’m trying so hard to let them wait a couple of days before I dig in though.

I May Never Boil Eggs The Same Way Again!

They peel so easy too if you drop them into a bowl of ice water after they cook. I mean so easy that most of the shells really did just slide off after I cracked them. No more fighting with shells that stick or having ‘ugly eggs’ that make you wish you’d never offered to bring those favorite deviled eggs to the get-together. I can see lots of boiled eggs for snacks and egg salad in our future… so much healthier than other snack options that we’ve had lately. Plus eggs have lots of protein that is so important for growing kids!

Click here for boiled egg recipe ideas.

Don’t have a Power Cooker? You can still boil eggs easily with this method HERE.

Have you tried this method? Or do you have another favorite method for boiling eggs? Let us know in the comments below.

Easiest Boiled Eggs Ever

Easiest Boiled Eggs Ever


  • Eggs (however many you can fit in your power pressure cooker)
  • 1 1/2 c. water


Place the rack in your cooker.

Carefully place the eggs on the rack.

Add the water to the pot.

Cover with the lid, make sure the steam valve is closed.

Set the Rice mode to 6 minutes.

Walk away.

I usually let mine cool down until the steam releases on its own.

For super-easy peeling, I have a bowl of ice water ready to put the eggs in. 

Let them sit in the ice water for 5-10 minutes and then peel.

Eat them as is or use in your favorite recipe. 


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