New School Year, New ABCmouse: ABC Mouse Upgrades!

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A few days ago I posted about why I (temporarily) quit homeschooling my kiddos. Things have been more than a little crazy here and we are still working on getting the house, and our lives, back in order. Progress has been slow but steady and I look forward to getting back into the whole ‘school routine’ shortly.

One of the many programs that we use in our school routine, and almost every day in between, is ABC Mouse. I’m sure that you’ve seen numerous commercials on TV about the program and while I once thought that this was only something that ‘rich’ people could afford I was wrong.

The price is actually quite affordable and often times you can find special deals like the one you can get when you click this referral link below. They also send out deals via email for previous/current customers.



Benefits Are Priceless

I couldn’t see the benefits that the program had to offer because I was looking for something FREE. Yes, there are plenty of FREE programs but nothing quite compares to ABC Mouse and my kids love it. My special needs children need a lot of extra attention and sometimes they just ‘don’t get it’ when I try to explain things. When they use ABC Mouse it helps to fill in those gaps of misunderstandings and often they bring me their tablets to show me something that they’ve mastered and the look on their face is PRICELESS.

Not Just For Pre-K and Kindergarten

I also once believed that ABC Mouse was only for younger kids but actually they have lessons for Pre-K through 2nd grade. In fact they have a full online curriculum for kids ages 2-8 which includes Reading, Math, Art, Music & Science!

My older girls (9 & 11) love playing on there too and use it for review. While many of the lessons are a bit easy they do enjoy learning new facts and information. This is perfect for my special needs son (15) as the lessons are so interesting and they keep him engaged longer than I usually can.ABC4.jpg

I can hear some of you thinking that you really just can’t afford this right now and I know how you feel because I’ve been there and often find myself needing to cut costs wherever I can. Earlier this year I let our subscription expire but quickly renewed it on a monthly basis, as that is the only way I could afford it for now, because I saw how much the kids missed it and how much it had been helping them in certain areas. 

I know I want to teach my kids so many things but  trying to spread myself between five kids everyday can be tiring so this is just a tool that I use to help me with my goals so I will try to do whatever I need to so I can make sure to keep this subscription going for at least a couple of more years.

Kids Love It

With over 8500 learning activities and lessons which also include many games and puzzles the kids are always begging to ‘do ABC Mouse‘. They really love the section where they have their own virtual pets (hamsters and fish). They are eager to complete lessons and activities so they can earn tokens to buy food and toys for their pets as well.

Not to mention that they can also buy clothes for their avatar and change their looks as they please. Joey was eager to add glasses to his avatar when he got his new specs. He and his avatar are looking quite sharp!


I also love that they kids can use this on their tablets or computer and I can send some of them to work on ABC Mouse while I work one on one with someone else. This is also handy when the younger kids get bored with a lesson that the older kids are doing as a group activity. ABC Mouse has also prevented many a melt-down when William has gotten ‘full of school’ for the day and provides a much-needed distraction. I love that he can learn while not realizing that he is learning… Mommas need to have a few tricks up their sleeves.

Did I mention that we can take this on-the-go too? So many places are now offering Free Wi-Fi which makes this the perfect app to have on your tablet.

Easy To Use

The new homepage looks great and I’m so excited to check out the new features that they have added. It was fairly easy to navigate before but now it looks even easier.


Not only is the program easy to use they also offer a number of videos and support systems to help you get the most out of the program. You can easily assign activities for group lessons or independent work so that your kids are learning while having fun.

ABC Mouse is also adding more new features like an adaptive math program, Mastering Math, which is an award-winning program that teaches fundamental math concepts for preschool through kindergarten. I’m really excited to check out this program and see how the kids like it.

They are also adding collections of learning activities which will be aligned to Common Core State Standards for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grade math and ELA. While I don’t always stick to Common Core State Standards it is nice to have that option available.

While we aren’t technically ‘homeschooling’ at the moment my kids are still learning. Heck, I’m learning too because they are always coming to me with new and interesting facts that they have learned from their lessons. Even if your kids are in school they could benefit from the extra review and practice no matter what their age.

Why don’t you give it a try and let me know what your kids think about it? You can also buy gift subscriptions if you happen to have a friend or family member who could benefit from it.

Happy Homeschooling!

Please note that I think I did sign up for a ‘Teacher Account’ as I have more than 3 children on my account so my screen shots for the teacher/parent pages may look slightly different from yours. 🙂

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