I flooded the kitchen again!

Yep, I did it again. I also put a hole through the side of a cabinet… on purpose!

You might be wondering what in tarnation that I’m doing but trust me it was all for a good reason… well flooding the kitchen wasn’t planned but it all worked out.

So the other day I was looking for my motivation and I found a little bit it wasn’t the moving motivation. It was the kind that makes you wanna use the power tools that someone happened to leave laying around.

When I snapped a picture of the bathroom I spied the drill and wood bit. Somehow this prompted me to think I should go ahead and run a water line… lol. Originally I was just going to run the line and leave it for Mr. Awesome to connect but plans changed.

I gathered the tools and supplies.

I then moved the refrigerator and proceeded to put a hole in the cabinet.

Then I got a little help and ran the water line through.

I connected it to the back of the fridge and tightened it. Then I decided I could probably hook the thing up and just surprise him.

Well, it turns out that I needed a bigger set of pliers.

Then I found that my supply cut off valve didn’t work right so we had to grab some towels and a bucket.

We ended up cutting the water supply off to the house… I wasn’t gonna let that one little thing stop me.

I loosened the supply line and then attached the new fitting.

Then I reattached the supply line making sure to tighten everything.

Then I attached the new water line to the fridge.

After tightening everything and cleaning up the water mess I went outside and turned the back on.

No leaks! Yay!

Then I went to try out the water dispenser on the fridge … that’s when the flood happened.

The filter inside the fridge was busted!

Sigh… so much for the surprise. I had to text Mr. Awesome to see if he could pick up a new filter on his way home. I sent him a picture of the old one and the model number.

Of course he was curious as to why we needed a new filter all of a sudden and I had to spill the beans.

When we finished talking it was lunch time so we cleaned up the mess and headed over to the little house for some food.

So Mr. Awesome brought home a new water filter ($50!) and we installed it only to find that there is a problem with the front panel! Water goes everywhere when you try to get a glass of water.

So we have called the service guy and told him about the problem. We will hopefully hear back about the problem soon.

What projects have you been tackling while trying to keep to ‘social distancing’?

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