A Series of Unexpected Events Part 2

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With no equipment to move the mess, we ended up forking out quite a bit more than we had planned as we had to hire another company to do the clean up because at that point our house was set to be delivered shortly. In fact, Ms. O was out here the same day that the crew was doing some of the cleanup to stake the property and get everything ready to pull permits and we were waiting on the appraisal to come back in.


Much Better!

The week after everything was marked we had a little bit of excitement as someone had phoned to say they thought our house was coming. I ran out the door to take a peek and sure enough, there was a house coming up the road! It was the same color as our house and had the same green metal roof but as I walked out closer I could tell it was not our house… sigh

As fate would have it after we put a lot of blood, sweat, tears, MONEY, and maybe a watermelon or two into getting the place ready for our house we hit a big HICCUP


The title for the home had never been transferred to the dealer so we had to wait for that little issue to be taken care of. (July 5th) After many texts and requests for updates, I finally learned that the DMV refused to transfer the title! (July 17th)

Yeah, that’s right. Somehow, someway, someone had forgotten to get the house title signed out by all parties. (July 17th was when we learned of the issue.) Then we found out the missing party was truly MIA and no-one seemed to know how to locate this person.

By this time I had quit buying ANYTHING for the new house as I was beginning to doubt whether we would even get a house or not. I was also beginning to get desperate as we were noticing that our current house was settling more and more and it appeared to be leaning towards the pond! I know that some people like water beds but I am not one of them!



This is how we were feeling back then… I don’t even know how to describe it now!

In fact, it took over a month (August 6th) to finally locate them and get the title back. During that time somehow, someway, someone had lost a bunch of our paperwork that we needed for the closing. I can laugh now only because I truly had forgotten how much crap we’ve been through so far for this home but at the time I was really ready to just walk away from the whole thing.) I went back and forth for a week or two trying to make sure they had the copies of EVERYTHING they needed. I learned back at the beginning of this process to make a copy of EVERYTHING!

Then they inform us that they are still waiting on the appraisal???? It had supposedly been ordered back in Jun but never completed????   This was reordered around August 7th and finally completed on August 31st. They said it would take about a week to get the report back from the appraiser.

I had been holding off on starting back to school as I knew that moving would be a MAJOR interruption but decided to start back. We had hopes that we might be in a new house by Thanksgiving… maybe?


On September 6th we still had no updates on the house closing but we ran into yet another problem…


Now, we did know that the copies of the deeds we had said there were restrictions but we also knew that the restrictions had been lifted at one point. We had explained this back in February and were told we didn’t need to worry about it because they (the dealer) had a legal team that could help straighten it out.

Guess what? They claimed that they didn’t know about this issue although they had been given copies of the deeds back in February. We ended up needing to do some research and finding a lawyer who could draw up the corrective deed to fix the problem. It was a little bit time consuming to go through all of the old records but worth it.

The lawyer had originally told us he would have the paperwork ready in a couple of days but that turned into a little over a week. Mr. Awesome and I took the paperwork straight to the courthouse and had it filed IMMEDIATELY(Sept 27th)

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