Quarantine Latrine: An Accidental Bathroom Makeover

I can’t believe this one never got published either!!!

Whew! I’ve really been trying to get back into the habit of blogging on a regular basis, or at least when I have a little bit of energy. I am really grateful to all of you who have stuck around while I’ve been MIA so frequently, it really does mean a lot!

So you may be wondering how one accidentally does a bathroom makeover… let me tell you about it.

Back in this post, HERE, I mentioned that I had accidentally broken the bathtub which ended up being a blessing in disguise. I had been hanging the bathroom shower curtain while Mr. Awesome was putting on the new toilet seat.

We were actually in the process of getting things finished up so we could start moving in when this accident happened. It has been one delay after another with this house… you can read more about it HERE, HERE, and HEREas well as in almost any recent post. Once the power was turned on we finally thought we were in the clear but then we almost had a house fire and our kitchen flooded due to improper wiring/installation of appliances!


The lot did send someone out to fix everything but our dishwasher is still not working so I don’t really know what is going on… however, I do have an outlet for the electric stove now so that is a good thing, right?

Anyway, we were thinking that we’d had enough bad luck but that wasn’t the case. As I was hanging the shower curtain I stepped down into the bathtub and heard a crack… Uh-oh!

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We knew then that the bathroom redo had to come sooner than expected and we had a tub… it just had a small crack in it that the lot is now refusing to fix. When measuring we found out that the tub they had given us to replace the old one was way about 6 inches too big for the space!


Sigh… Mr. Awesome went out and bought a new tub and as he was ripping out the old one he went through the floor!  You can see the place by the toilet where his foot went through!

We were really not expecting that and upon further inspection, we found that about 90% of the bathroom floor was rotten!


So we understand that the lot may not have known about this issue but we have also found soft spots/holes in other areas that have been covered over with new carpet/flooring… such bad business! They don’t really care either and have pretty much said they aren’t helping with any of it!


Mr. Awesome and his crew completely gutted the entire bathroom… the only things being saved are the new light fixture and the toilet. You can see more of the rotten floor in the pictures above.

Papa O bought me a new vanity for my birthday and we already had the new tub.

We actually had a few mirrored medicine cabinets along with some tiles from some previous jobs out in the shed too. The funny thing was that we had actually decided on the exact same tiles when we went out shopping and we didn’t even realize we had some in the shed already!

We changed our mind on the flooring and mosaic tiles when we found some pebble tiles in the shed. This also saved us quite a bit of money… money we can put towards new flooring elsewhere in the future.

We did buy a new vent fan/light as this bathroom had none, oil rubbed bronze fixtures and a new window.

We had planned to redo the hallway flooring as well but the plan changed and we are keeping the ugly pink tiles in the hallway for now. Most of the remodeling expenses went to the new plywood, insulation, and drywall.

Hookless French Damask Print Shower Curtain

I really liked this shower curtain and the picture is something similar to what I had in mind for the bathroom so it kind of became my inspiration in a way. The paint color we chose is the same that we used in the kitchen… SW Alpaca. I’m really not a ‘gray’ person but this color looks a little bit beige/gray and it is what seemed to work well with a lot of the colors already in the house.


The board and batten were painted with some Behr Marquis paint that we had from a previous job. This paint is awesome!


The bathroom (and laundry room) also got a new door that was painted with this awesome paint as well!


We are so happy to get this bathroom finished up so that we can get completely moved into our new home. We still have quite a few other projects that need to be completed but they will be done while we are living in the house as the bathroom remodel was unexpected and took us a lot longer than anticipated.


One of the next projects is to redo the walls/trim in the great room and to replace the patio doors with French Doors. We also plan to take out the carpet and put down some nice laminate flooring sometime in the future.

What will we tackle next as we turn this house into a home? Who knows… it might just depend on what I accidentally break the next time around… lol.

Have you seen I flooded the kitchen again!?

Thanks for reading and following our blog and we pray that you all have a wonderful week.

Here’s some pics of the work in progress:

Note: When you are working in a tight space it is not a good idea to put all the drywall up before you install the tub. We ended up having to lift the tub up above the cement board, get it level, and then gently finagle it into place… 😅

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