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Happy St. Nicholas Day 2018!

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Well the countdown to Christmas has officially started here. The kids are super excited after St. Nick stopped by sometime late last night. They had left their stockings on the table before bed and woke up to a big surprise!

They had been talking about our previous St. Nicholas Day celebrations and how they forgot to put their stockings out last year… Oops!

Don’t worry… that heater was not on ‘HEAT’ as we only have the flames going this morning  but it has been doing great job at keeping us warm and cozy so far.

St. Nick did not disappoint with a variety of small toys, coloring books, and other holiday items plus a tiny bit of candy. He also left a couple of new books and a holiday music cd for them. They are looking forward to a midday snack of gingerbread cookies and hot cocoa too!

He didn’t forget about the grownups either and even left a small gift for Nanny J and Papa O. He left Momma some much needed kitchen items, some holiday jewelry, and CHOCOLATE!

Santa had even decorated a little bit and put these cute covers on the chairs.

And he must’ve met up with the UPS man at some point to grab our new Advent wreath for us. It had been stuck in delivery status as the driver couldn’t locate our house.

It is so much prettier than it looked on the internet! I had a hard time deciding what color to get but thought this was a good choice even though it isn’t the traditional Christmas colors. Now we are just waiting for the candles to arrive. After all this excitement it was time for breakfast:

This year I added the chocolate chips to the pancakes while on the griddle for our Santa Claus PancakesI forgot to pick up some fresh strawberries and blueberries so we made do with what we had here. I also didn’t realize that Mr. Jacob had added a couple of extra chocolate chips to Santa’s beard… lol!

The kids thought they were cute and very yummy. Later on we will be watching a few videos about St. Nick and taking a little about the history of Santa Claus.

If you want to check out some other activities please see St. Nicholas Day 2016 for some additional links.

Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone!


Don’t Keep This Secret!

As many of us know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month but you may not be aware that it is also National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic abuse is often one of those things that we keep silent about because of a stigma that goes along with it.

Some just accept it as a normal part of life while others refuse to admit what is happening. It can happen to anyone regardless of race, gender, or social status. It can also happen in a variety of ways that we may not even be aware of.

Here is one story:

High School Sweethearts

There was a young girl who married her high school sweetheart. They were happily married for a while. Then after the second child came along things began to change.

She didn’t know what was going on but somehow she was always made to feel like it was her fault. His words were sharper than any knife and would cut her deeply time and time again.

She thought it was just a phase and things would get better. She never dreamed that this was abuse. Her childhood memories were full of awful images of what she defined as abuse.

Then one day it happened. He hit her. She packed a bag, grabbed the kids, and left. He came to find her and apologized. Things seemed better for a while.

Then when she was pregnant with their third child he came home drunk which had become the usual habit. He slapped her for no reason and belittled her to no end. She could do nothing but cry.

This happened over and over again. She felt helpless. She felt worthless. She felt alone. She didn’t know where she had went wrong or what she had done to deserve this.

The abuse continued and she began to think about leaving. She didn’t want to ‘give up’ on their marriage but she didn’t want to live like this for the rest of her life either.

Finally one day she had enough and once again she packed a bag, grabbed the kids, and she left with the traces of dignity she had left and plenty of bruises from their last interaction.

She had nowhere to go but a shelter. It wasn’t what she wanted but she knew she had to protect her little ones so she went.

Eventually they got a place of their own and started a new life with the help of others. Life was hard but it was so much better.

And another:

A Modern Day Fairytale

She was a single mom of four young kids. Two handsome boys and two beautiful girls that she was so proud of.

She had worked hard to get them where they were and she knew there was a lot of hard work to come. She was working nights and going to school by day to make a better future for her little family.

Then one day she met a man who swept her off her feet. At first she hadn’t thought much of his flirting but he grew on her and she finally accepted his dinner invitation.

He took her out and treated her to one of the nicest dinners she had ever had. He made her feel special in a way no one ever had before.

They had several more dates like this and then he met her family. They didn’t immediately hit it off but she shrugged off the uncomfortable feeling.

After several months he proposed to her and she gladly accepted. They made plans and shopped for a new house where they could blend their two families into one. A modern day family tale.

The signs of his need for complete control were there but it didn’t rear its head until after she had already committed to moving. One of the first signs was when she went to check on the progress of their new house and found that the color scheme had been completely changed without her knowing.

He had insisted on putting the house in his name because of issues from his first wife so she didn’t say anything about the change. It was his house. There more ‘little issues’ that came up as the house was finished.

She also had the opportunity to witness some of his temper when the workers had not done a task to his liking. She dismissed this as ‘new home stress’ and he justified it by saying he ‘just wanted it done right for the amount of money he was paying’.

When the house was almost completed she had contacted the dealer to set up the furniture delivery. She had carefully picked out and planned each room. It had taken many hours to look through the catalogs and she had made many compromises with her fiancé before the final choices were made.

She was shocked to learn that her fiancé had canceled the entire order and had taken that money from the budget to pay for a new garage. Once again he justified it and promised to get new furniture once they had moved in.

Moving in was becoming a bit worrisome but she had already given her notice and invested a lot of time, money, and energy into getting their new home ready. Plus the kids were so excited to have a brand new home and they didn’t mind not having new furniture. She thought things would get better once they got settled in.

Sadly things didn’t improve much at all. He would come home angry the majority of the time. He would drink and she suspected that he was possibly using drugs as his mother had questioned her about his behavior.

The house was never clean enough. Meals were never good enough. He always found something to complain about. Nothing was ever right in his eyes and he made sure she knew it. He began accusing her of having affairs even though there was no way she ever had time to even think of that.

Eventually the emotional and mental abuse turned into physical and he hit her. He threw her around like a rag doll and broke several things in the process. She called 911 and he was taken away.

She got a restraining order and moved out with the kids. He constantly called her despite the restraining order. His family begged her to drop the charges but she wouldn’t.

He was ordered to go to counseling and complete some anger management classes which he did, mostly. He apologized and seemed to have put the abusive tendencies away.

The kids begged to go back home as he had bought them some four wheelers, dirt bikes, and other toys. Eventually she gave in and returned. Things were good for a while until they weren’t.

There were some occasional ‘accidents’ like when he pulled her off the bed and broke her tailbone. He insisted that he hadn’t meant to hurt her but he had said that before too. There was another time when he gave her a ‘Chinese mud bath’ which resulted in a fractured spine but that was an accident as well.

A couple of years later things got worse almost overnight. He became obsessed with the notion that she was having an affair. He had convinced his family of this too and she was forced to endure an endless barrage of nasty phone calls from his mother.

During one of his episodes he broke the patio door by throwing a glass at it. During another he tore the bedroom door off its hinges.

Another time they had traveled out of state with a group of his coworkers. Everyone went to an amusement park to spend the day. He got upset about something he thought he overheard and he belittled her in front of all these people she barely knew and he walked away.

She felt embarrassed but tried to hold back the tears. She thought she would give him a bit of time to cool off and someone else offered to go talk to him. They returned and said they couldn’t find him.

He had left her and the kids at an amusement park miles and miles from home. To make matters even worse was that he had taken the back pack with all of the money and snacks.

A couple of his friends tried to cheer her up and encouraged her to try to enjoy the rest of the day with the kids and she did her best. They even bought dinner for the kids and offered to buy hers but she couldn’t eat. She was afraid of what would happen when they got back to the hotel or that he may have went back home and left them stranded.

He was at the hotel and that night was a tense one as were the weeks that followed.

She eventually convinced him to go to marriage counseling. He was convinced that the counselor was a quack after the first session but she continued to go.

Things continued to escalate as time went on. She felt as though she was always walking on egg shells at home. She would let the kids stay with friends whenever he was home.

The counselor told her she needed to leave but she held onto the hope that she would find the man she thought she had fallen in love with.

Then one night she awoke to find him watching her sleep. The look in his eyes terrified her. He got up and left without a word.

Then a few days later she found a box of ammunition for a gun she knew nothing about. When she mentioned this to the counselor he advised her to leave as quickly as possible.

She began making secret plans to leave and she hid the guns and ammunition to be safe. One night he came home extremely late. She was sleeping and suddenly she found herself being pulled out of bed and thrown against the wall. She hit her head on a picture and broke the glass.

The room was dark and she couldn’t see who was there. Then she felt her night gown being ripped off. She fought and ran through the house and somehow managed to grab a phone and dial 911.

The mystery attacker took the phone and hung up. The 911 operator called back but he refused to give her the phone. She realized who the mystery man was… it was her husband. The kids woke up and she told them to lock their doors.

The next few moments felt like an eternity and she felt terrified. She had never seen him so wild eyed and crazy.

She managed to get away again and barricaded herself in a bathroom with her back against the door and feet pushing on the tub with all her might as he kicked and pushed on the door. She thought about trying to escape out of the bathroom window but she didn’t dare leave the house while her kids were still in their rooms.

After a bit he calmed down and tried to convince her to come out and talk to him. She refused and then police arrived. He begged her to tell them it was all a misunderstanding but she wouldn’t.

The marks on her arms, the broken glass, and the turn clothes were evidence of the ‘misunderstanding ‘. Not too mention the path of destruction left behind from when she was running from her unknown attacker which made the nightmare all the more real.

She knew what she needed to do and with the help of friends and family she moved far away from him and his family.

Scary isn’t it?

You may think this couldn’t happen to you or anyone you know. I thought so too but those stories are my stories.

There are many more stories from those two relationships that could be told but I won’t do that today.

I grew up in a home where domestic violence was a ‘normal’ thing. I didn’t like it but I didn’t know that it wasn’t the way life was supposed to be. I just knew I didn’t want that when I grew up.

Unfortunately many children grow up witnessing this in their homes. It seems to be an increasing problem. I was in denial when it happened to me the first time.

The second time I was probably in denial a bit but I felt ashamed because I had ‘let it happen’ again. I wanted to believe he would change and I didn’t want to feel like a failure at marriage again.

In the end I paid dearly and I hate the fact that my kids witnessed some of it. I was able to hide a lot of it but they knew I wasn’t as happy as I had once been.

The stress of the whole ordeal took a toll on my health as well. I was a complete mess during the latter part of my second relationship.

Some people have said it was my fault. Others have said I was stupid for thinking either one of them would change. Maybe I’m a sucker for lost causes and I try to see the good in others while overlooking the bad

Maybe they are right in some ways but I know that I didn’t do anything to deserve to be treated the way I was treated. My kids didn’t deserve to be exposed to that either so when I had enough I found the strength to get out of those situations.

What is the saying? Insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result… I think that’s how it goes. Eventually I can to my senses and made the changes needed just like I know you can too, if you are in a bad situation.

It’s been over 8 years since I left that second relationship and I haven’t looked back. God has truly blessed me and given me more than I ever expected.

Looking back I know I should have left sooner but I can’t change that now. Those experiences made me the person I am today. They made stronger and have helped me find an inner strength I never I had.

Today I can honestly say I am in a much better place than I have ever been. I am surrounded by friends and family who truly love and support me. I have a beautiful family and a wonderful partner.

Don’t keep it a secret, get help now!

If you are experiencing anything in your relationship that you feel isn’t right I beg you to talk to someone. If you feel like you may be an abuser then talk to someone and get some help.

With the holidays just around the corner stress seems to build up. Many times we see an increase in domestic violence reports around the holidays. Please don’t be one of the statistics.

If you want to talk to someone now you call 1-866-331-9474 to speak with a trained peer advocate. You can also text “loveis” to 22522.

If you would like to show your support for National Domestic Violence Month you can wear a purple ribbon or make a donation to a local agency. I plan to wear my purple this Friday in honor of this cause.

Many times the shelters are in need of hygiene items, cleaning supplies, and other necessities. One of our clubs made Mother’s Day baskets for a local women’s shelter earlier this year. You may want to contact a shelter and ask how you can help.

Some of the things I greatly appreciated when I was ready to leave the shelter was the baskets of food that a family had donated with lots of kid friendly items. There was another basket of basic household supplies like toilet paper, paper towels, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

Someone also donated coloring books, crayons, a few stuffed animals, and games. These helped to keep our minds occupied during some of our darker days and helped the kids transition. We had not been able to bring a lot with us as I could only fit so much in my car. When I went back later he had given away most of our belongings.

One generous couple had even paid my security deposit on our new apartment so I would have little money left in my pocket when we moved in. This came in handy as there were many things that we needed. I have tried to pay it forward as I can and I pray that God has blessed them for their kindness.


Please know that I haven’t shared these parts of my story for sympathy rather as examples so that others can know that I’ve been there and I know how completely and utterly helpless it can make you feel. I also hope that by sharing it can show someone else that there is hope and with help they can make a change in the lives.

Help! I’m Drowning, Or At Least It Feels That Way…

I started out this morning with over 2,000 emails which was a bit overwhelming. I had cleared a few hundred of them on Saturday but it barely made a dent in the pile.

Then today as I was catching up on emails and such I happened to see that we have HURRICANE MICHAEL headed our way. Just another thing to add to the list of things to think about. While we are not on the coast nor have we been put under the ‘State of Emergency’ the counties right next to us are so that means we do have potential to see some damage. This also means that we need to make some emergency preparations and be prepared for when the storm hits. As we have learned in the past the storms don’t always go along their predicted path.

**Update: The state of emergency has been expanded from 26 counties to 35, including ours, since this post was written. Our prayers are going out to all of those in the affected area as well as the first responders, National Guard, and all of those working to keep everyone safe. Continue reading Help! I’m Drowning, Or At Least It Feels That Way…

Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Resource List

**Although I try to provide as many FREE resources as possible this post may contain affiliate links alt no extra cost to you. We may earn a small commission, if a purchase is made through these links, which helps to support our blog and our family. Thank you!

We read Laura Ingalls Wilder: A Biography before starting our study.

NOTE: My kiddos were 5, 6, 9, 11, and 15 at the time we created study unit. Some ideas may need to be changed/adjusted for older kids.

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.


We have been using the Little House on the Prairie Books for our homeschool this year and my kids are loving it. I have scoured the internet for resources to make our learning experience as fun and exciting as possible. This series of posts is a compilation of different resources we have found and used in our home. Please note that some of these may have been FREE at the time I found them and prices and/or availability may have changed. Feel free to leave your own links in the comments section below.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of these wonderful people who put together so many wonderful resources for all of us to use with our children. I know that many hours, blood, sweat, and tears went into these projects but your work is greatly appreciated!

Answer Key found HERE**ANSWER KEY password: momsrock (highlight blank area)

Language Arts:

We will be completing this Lap Book project as we read through this book.


We will be reading the noted selection for the week as well as discussing what we have read. I may come up with other questions as well. Kids are curious and I know we will have many questions which may lead to some research in other areas.

We will also be working on reading through a few books, see Kirby’s Kids Grade by Grade Homeschool Reading List , for each different grade level. The older kids will have some independent reading while the younger ones will have a mixture of read alouds, read alongs, and independent reading.

You should keep a record of the books read. You can do this in a notebook or using this printable HERE.


I did not list handwriting in the weekly work tasks as my kids are using the Spencerian Penmanship for handwriting and will practice this every day.


We will be doing various activities for this area. We will be looking up definitions, matching words, putting the words in alphabetical order, and a variety of other activities.


There will be a variety of creative writing ideas as well. I have tried to vary them and offer choices to help encourage writing. We will also be doing various writing assignments in some of other areas as well.


Other Activities:

These are just some of the other activities that I am incorporating into the lessons with my kiddos as we are all at different learning levels. I put these in here to keep me organized so I don’t ‘forget’ something.

I will add links to worksheets I find or make as we go through the unit. For a general guideline of skills your child should know by grade level click HERE.

I have pulled a lot of the material from the book for the worksheets listed down below.

Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

You can also find FREE Lessons with these links:

Other resources used:

The younger kids will also have access to various Read-Along books and puppet books. I will update links to those as we go along.


Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

Note about Ray’s Arithmetic Books: These can be a little confusing at first but the Parent/Teacher guide is so useful! I have found that the books are in order as follows:

  • 1st/2nd grades: Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic
  • 3rd/4th grades: Ray’s New Intellectual Math
  • 5th/6th grades: Ray’s Practical Arithmetic
  • 7th/8th grades: Ray’s Higher Arithmetic

I have used a lot of the examples from the book to create the worksheets you will find listed below. **ANSWER KEY password: momsrock (highlight blank area)

You can also find FREE Lessons with these links:

Social Studies:

Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

You can also find FREE Lessons with these links:


Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

You can also find FREE Lessons with these links:

  • We will also be studying different lessons from Mystery Science which is a site that the kids LOVE! We have found a lot of FREE lessons on this site. (You do need a membership to access all of the site.)
  • YouTube can be a great resource for educational videos.
  • Itsy Bitsy Bear Book via KidZone
  • We will also be studying different lessons from Mystery Science which is a site that the kids LOVE! We have found a lot of FREE lessons on this site.
  • FREE Zoology Lessons at Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool.
  • FREE Physics and Chemistry Lessons at Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool.

My kids also enjoyed reading:

 Bears on the Brain (Science Solves It!)

PE/Health & Safety Resources:

Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

You can also find FREE Lessons ideas with these links:

We often have some ‘Free Play’ outside whenever the weather allows as well.

Life Skills:

This area contains our lesson plans for a few different areas that I have included with our ‘Life Skills’. You will find lessons on cooking, cleaning, and organization as well as bible memory work and character training. All of these will go together to help raise our children into the responsible and caring citizens of tomorrow.

You can find a FREE printable log for keeping track of memory work here:

Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

You can also find FREE Lessons with these links:

We will be focusing on OBEDIENCE this unit. If you don’t have the book we used you can go HERE and download a lesson plan guide to use in your home.

Music, Arts & Crafts:

These lesson plans include Music, Arts, and Crafts. Choose one or two ideas/day as desired.

Many of the ideas have been pulled from the following resources:

You can also find FREE Lessons with these links:

We have also bought the following books/products for use with this series:

Remember: These are the lessons and activities that we used while doing this study but you can do anything your heart desires to make this a great adventure for you and your kids!



Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide

**Although I try to provide as many FREE resources as possible this post may contain affiliate links alt no extra cost to you. We may earn a small commission, if a purchase is made through these links, which helps to support our blog and our family. Thank you!

Click Here for Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Weekly Lesson Plan Links Only

How we use these lesson plans:

Our school week is usually completed in 4 days. We use a Loop Schedule where we work for a designated amount of time on each subject before moving on to the next. After their work is completed for the day the kids are allowed to have independent studies were they can study whatever their little hearts desired.

Our 5th day is an optional day that we use to complete unfinished work or for other activities as we choose.

Please click HERE for a list of resources that we have purchased from Amazon and other suppliers.

Click on the links below for the series you would like to view/use. I will update these links as we get them finished.

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.

1. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 1 Lesson Plans

  • Language Arts:
    • Read Chapters 1 & 2
    • Discussion
    • McGuffey Primer Lesson
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing Activities
    • These week we learn about fiction vs. nonfiction
    • Make a Pioneer Journal
    •  Mother Goose Phonics: Pat A Cake
  • Math:
  • Geography and History:
    • State Study: Wisconsin
    • Research Pioneer Life
  • Science:
    • Learn about Bears
    • Learn about Panthers
    • Research Microbes and Bacteria
    • Learn about Density
    • Bonus: Why does fire burn different colors?
  • Life Skills:
    • Research Pioneer Chores
    • Making our bed
    • Interrupting
    • Memory Work
    • Fun activities: Make Butter
    • Bonus Skills: Memorizing the books of the Bible, Archery, and/or Baking
  • PE, Health & Safety:
    • Stranger Danger
    • Play Little Brown Bear
  • Music, Arts, and Crafts:
    • Crafts: Hog’s Bladder Balloons, Corn Cob/Husk Dolls, Snowflakes, and Paper Dolls
    • Art: Bulldogs, Jack Frost
    • Music: Yankee Doodle Dandy, Butter Churning Song

2. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 2 Lesson Plans

3. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 3 Lesson Plans

  • Language Arts:
  • Math:
  • Geography and History:
    • State Study: New Hampshire 
    • Research School in Pioneer Days.
    • Continue to research Louis Pasteur.
    • Work on Speech
  • Science:
    • Study the Digestion System.
    • Heimlich Maneuver
    • Research Maple Trees
    • Research Maple Syrup Collecting
  • Life Skills:
    • Research Pioneer Children’s School Lunches
    • Maple Syrup
    • Setting the Table
    • Good Table Manners
    • Memory Work
    • Make Pancakes
    • Bonus Skills: Memorizing the books of the Bible, Archery, and/or Baking
    • Learn how to measure dry and wet ingredients
  • PE, Health & Safety:
    • What happens when you don’t bathe?
    • How to take a shower.
    • Happy,Healthy Kids: Fresh Air
    • Play Hot Potato
  • Music, Arts, and Crafts:
    • Crafts: Leaf Crafts, Tin Lanterns, Whittling
    • Art: Maple Trees, Leaf Rubbings
    • Music: Pop Goes the Weasel

4. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 4 Lesson Plans

  • Language Arts:
    • Read Chapters 8 & 9
    • Discussion
    • McGuffey Primer Lesson
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing Activities
  • Math:
    • Group Activity
    • Ray’s Arithmetic Books
    • Fractions: Word Problems
    • Learning Your numbers 1-20
    • Learn to Write Your Numbers
  • Geography and History:
    • State Study: Indiana
    • Research history of Square Dancing.
    • Continue to research Louis Pasteur.
    • Work on Speech
  • Science:
    • Study Animal Tracks
    • Animal Track Activity
    • Study the Skin.
    • Study the Sun
  • Life Skills:
    • Research Pioneer Laundry Day
    • Soap Making
    • Sorting Laundry
    • Foolishness
    • Memory Work
    • Make Hasty Pudding
    • Learn to Braid
    • Bonus Skills: Memorizing the books of the Bible, Archery, and/or Baking
    • Learn how to read a recipe
  • PE, Health & Safety:
    • Benefits of square dancing
    • Benefits of Natural Light
    • Try Square Dancing
    • Try to jig
    • Play Four Square
  • Music, Arts, and Crafts:
    • Crafts: Knitting
    • Art: Flowers
    • Music: Buffalo Gals

5. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 5 Lesson Plans

6. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 6 Lesson Plans

7. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 7 Lesson Plans


As always we try not to charge for any printables or resources that we offer but we do appreciate any donations that you may feel like giving. You can use the ‘Tip Jar’ link on the Home Page or send a donation via Paypal to ‘happy2bmyownboss@yahoo.com’. Thank you so much for your support!

A Trip Down Memory Lane!

I survived my first plane trip and wanted to share a little bit about my trip down memory lane with all of you! Be prepared because as my Pop-pop would say, ‘This might take a while’.

Last week proved to be one of the most stressful weeks I can remember. I have been trying to refocus my life in so many areas. And on top of the everyday stresses of a large family and back to school worries I got the call that I really needed to head back to my childhood home.

While I call Florida home right now I was born in Pennsylvania. I grew up about an hour from Philadelphia in the mushroom capital of the world, Kennett Square.


Funny the things you didn’t know, huh? We were also very close to the Amish and Mennonite communities. In fact several of my siblings were delivered by an Amish midwife.


Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash Continue reading A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Preventing The Back To HomeSchool Meal Planning Madness

**This post does contain some affiliate links which could possibly earn me a small commission if a purchase was made through them. These links help to support our blog and our family.

Hmmm… have you thought about what you’ll be feeding those hungry learners? If your kids were in public school you may not have had to think much about it before. If you plan to homeschool then you will be feeding them at least three meals a day and maybe a few snacks in between.

This can turn into a chaotic juggling act if you aren’t prepared. How do we prevent meal time chaos in our home? By meal planning. I even plan out snacks sometimes so I don’t forget to include them on my grocery list. Check out this link for some Healthy Snacks to Go.

10 snacks your kids can make star (1)

It might seem like a lot of trouble but when you find a system that works for then it is so easy. It will actually save you time and money in the long run. This is also a helpful thing even if you don’t homeschool.

Check out this post for some quick and easy breakfast ideas to help you beat that morning chaos and fill those tummies with a nutritious breakfast to start their day off right. Here is another link for even more ideas: The Healthy Breakfast Book. Continue reading Preventing The Back To HomeSchool Meal Planning Madness

13 Fun First Day Back To HomeSchool Ideas

**This post does contain some affiliate links which could possibly earn me a small commission if a purchase was made through them. These links help to support our blog and our family.

I can remember how excited I always was on my first day back to school. I loved school as a kid and I was always so eager to learn. My best memories were of the teachers who let us play games or gave us special treats on that first day. Maybe they were just trying to bribe us but it was something I remember.

As a homeschooling Momma I can find ways to bring that excitement into our homeschool. I try to keep things fun and interesting and sometimes do something a little crazy. Check out my new Pinterest board, Homeschool: First Day Activities. Continue reading 13 Fun First Day Back To HomeSchool Ideas

Elephant Fuzz, Building Bugs, Poodle Skirts and Moon Day; A Week In Review

We have had quite the week again. Fun and crazy as usual. Keep reading to find out about some of our many adventures here in the little house on the pond. We have included affiliate links to some of the products mentioned in this post. These help to support our blog.


Elephant fuzz here, elephant fuzz there, elephant fuzz everywhere… sounds a bit like a children’s book, doesn’t it? So what is elephant fuzz? I asked the same thing when I first saw this all over the house:


The kids were quick to reply that it was ‘elephant fuzz’…. ok, but where did it come from? Here is the answer:

It appears that this little pillow has a hole and is leaking elephant fuzz… lol… kids come up with the darnedest things don’t they? Well, I got the hole taken care of and hopefully that’ll be the end of the elephant fuzz.

Afterwards we made some Haystack Cookies or Noodle Cookies as Mr. Awesome calls them. The kids have been eating them up!

That afternoon Jacob put his Kids Cook Real Food skills to work while helping me make a salad to go with our Red & White Pasta.

Monday our regular club dance was ‘dark’ to support a reunion dance that was being held locally. Here is a short video from the event:


We had a good time and got to see old friends plus we made some new ones while we were there. Afterwards we ate at Texas Roadhouse and an exceptional server named Terrence.


I got a call from the Florida Gardiner Scholarship telling me about a glitch in the system which had caused some of my orders to be denied… this meant I had to go back into the system and resubmit the orders… oh what fun!

I also figured out that I can ‘Air Drop’ pictures from my phone to my tablet… this makes life so much easier!

The kids are loving their new routine chart:

I am working on ordering some different magnets because the stars don’t stick very well. I may also paint or paper the board. There will be a post about this sometime in the future.

We read a chapter from the Laura Ingalls Wilder biography before bed and had a short discussion about the things we learned from the chapter. The kids are super excited about the new school year.

They were also very happy that I had ordered more of their favorite toothpaste:

We all love the lemon flavor and I love the fact that it works so great! I always buy the triple pack and the first time I ordered I bought the multipack so we could try out all the flavors. The kids didn’t care for the peppermint or cinnamon as they thought they was too spicy. Some of us older folks liked the wintergreen flavor but lemon was the majority vote.


I actually found a little time on Tuesday to paint my nails too! Mommas need a little bit of pampering from time to time. 😊


Wednesday morning we changed our breakfast routine a bit. Instead of Muffins the kids had a bowl of fresh fruit and a cup of yogurt.

I’m really loving this new fruit bowl I got earlier this month. It is so much bigger than the one we had, plus it’s not as fragile. The banana holder is a great feature as well. It keeps the kids from dragging out and bruising all of the bananas just to find the ‘perfect’ apple.

While cleaning the bathroom I got a call from Walgreens …. NOT… it was a telemarketer call disguised as a local business. I HATE these kind of calls. They wanted to help me with my interest rate on a card they knew nothing about.

After politely asking a strongly accented Chris Sawyers to remove me from the list I had to threaten to report them to the authorities for FRAUD. He asked me to hold online while he removed me from the list. I did hold, with the phone muted and the receiver set on the shelf, and an hour later I was still on hold… haha Mr. Sawyers from card services you’ve won a mention on my blog. Congrats!

After our morning chores were finished we played one of the new games that we’ve gotten:


Bugs Building is similar to the once popular Jenga game. They had a lot of fun playing the game but then we had some major midweek meltdowns!

Luckily I still had a hidden stash of FREE chocolates…


Hmmm… Thursday was a kinda gloomy day, very rainy and windy too. We didn’t get our laundry done because of the weather but it got finished up on Friday. We were also without power for a little while that morning.

The kids made the best of no electricity and played some board games. I think they thought they were getting out of chores but everyone had to help finish up the chores when the power came back on. Then it was time for some lunch which was Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

After I got the kids down for quiet time I got this text message from Mr. Awesome:


Oh boy do I love these kind of messages. I dug my outfit out of the closet and got to work on making some dinner. I had planned to make Spaghetti but opted for Sloppy Joes when I realized I didn’t have any noodles.


Unfortunately I didn’t get any pics of the Pink Cadillac Dance or our super cute outfits because my phone was acting up again.


Friday was Moon Day and we celebrated with some Moon Pies for an afternoon snack. That morning we finished up the laundry for the week and caught up on few things that needed done around the house.

After paying a couple of bills I went ahead and renewed our ABC Mouse that the kids have been begging for. They wasted no time getting on their and taking care of their virtual pets. Joey also made sure to update his avatar:


Those glasses look almost like his and they are just too cute!

That afternoon I went to make some our favorite Cream Cheese Chicken with Rice and Green Beans only to realize I didn’t have any cream of chicken soup… I don’t know what happened when I went grocery shopping last week but I guess I didn’t do a good job. I did finish dinner and it was really good with the substitutions I made so I’ll try to get that updated recipe posted soon.

That evening we went to the square dance. Again I didn’t get any pics because my phone died but I did get that video finished. I’ll have it at the end of the post.


I had planned to get the porch cleaned up a bit but the constant thunderstorms kept us inside. The morning was spent tidying up around the house and then we went out to eat at Golden Corral. It wasn’t the best experience and we probably won’t visit that location again but the kids enjoyed it.

After eating we headed to the movies to watch the new Ant Man movie. It was pretty good and everyone had a great time. All in all it was a good week and we are really looking forward to a great time in the upcoming week.

This week I plan to get some of the lessons entered into the Homeschool Manager app and also set a date for us to start school. I will also be working on a couple of more promo videos for square dancing as many clubs will be starting classes in September.

As far as cleaning the FlyLady missions will be in the Master Bedroom this week. I just need to do a tidying up in there so I’m not really sure how much I will get done in there. I would really like to get the porch cleaned off and have some usable space out there but the weather hasn’t been cooperating.

What are your goals for the upcoming week?

Below are some other things that we’ve done this past week and that video we put out for square dancing.

Other books we’ve read this week were:

Be A Good Dragon is a cute book about a dragon with a cold.

Yum! A Preston Pig Story is a variation of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ that kids enjoyed.

We got lots of goodies in the mail this week:




I was really excited to get these books and hopefully the kids will get to use them some this weekend.

This week I also posted these posts here (which may have affiliate links to some of the products above):

We are looking forward to a new week with lots of new surprises. So far we have these activities planned.

Upcoming Events/Holidays:

Here is that video I promised:

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Sneak Peek: November 14, 2017

Below is a sneak peak at some of my upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned for some more exciting things to come as well!

Have a blessed day!