A Series of Unexpected Events

For the past few months, we have been anxious to share our good news about our new house and we finally did make it public last month but there were a few people who knew about it beforehand. They have been just as excited about our new home as we were and have been anxious for updates.

copy of bye-bye monster spray

About twice a week, every week, we get the same questions… No house yet? I know they are genuinely interested and want to share in our excitement and I’m glad to know they care. While we are excited about what the future holds it is just so hard to keep positive when one delay after another keeps popping up. It feels kind of like when I have been heavily pregnant and everyone you see asks, ‘No baby yet?’… sigh… I’m sure many of you mommas can relate.

BTW, we did get a survey and now we are once again waiting on permits… woo-hoo…

Before I begin with this story I want everyone to know that we are truly THANKFUL for each and every person who played a part in helping us to get our house. Things have been extremely stressful with so many different issues… many of the minor ones have been left out of the story… but we feel so BLESSED to have our HOUSE and we are looking forward to making it our HOME.

This post ended up being VERY long so I’ve divided it up into a few different posts to make it easier to read. The links to the next parts will update soon! Maybe this story can help someone else prevent some of the problems that we’ve had.

NOTE: I have not linked to the dealer that we used as I am not trying to cause them any negative publicity as I know that sometimes we all have our ‘days, weeks, months, or maybe even years’ when things just don’t go right.  I will also clarify that the dealer has never made any specific claim as to how long the whole process would take only general statements such as:

  • We are getting close now.
  • Not too much longer now.

They also verbally gave us a general timeline which has not happened.

As Mr. Awesome works in this industry we did have a timeline of ‘best case’ and ‘worst case’ scenarios planned out in our minds but this journey has surpassed anything that we could have planned for. Just make sure you check the customer reviews carefully before choosing who you want to do business with!


Somewhere near the end of May, we had submitted another application for financing and on June 4th we got the word that we were APPROVED. We had been told that things would move quickly and we should be prepared to close towards the end of the month of the beginning of the next month, if not sooner. To say we were ecstatic would have been an understatement… our dream was finally coming TRUE!

Of course, I went into planning and preparing mode and began to make lists of the things we would need for the new house. I also began doing some shopping because we had this newly organized shed to store things temporarily.




(In April/May I had pretty much accepted the fact that we wouldn’t be getting a new house anytime soon and had set to work on making our current living conditions work better for us which prompted me to give the shed a very thorough organizing!)

We also had some other work that we needed to take care of so that we could put the house where we had planned. We had the perfect spot picked out and our home seemed like it had been custom-made for this spot with all the windows it had on the back… it will be such a pretty view. The only problem was that we had a few large trees that needed to be removed.

Mr. Awesome and I marked the trees and made a few calls. I had someone come out and give me an estimate and timeframe. We decided to go ahead and we thought everyone was clear on what needed to be done, how it needed to be done, and when it needed to be done as well as the cost of said work.




This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As it turns out this whole thing turned into a BIG DRAMA… note to self: Don’t trust certain people when they offer to do you a ‘FAVOR‘ and ALWAYS get things in writing! We did end up getting more trees removed than we had planned, which is another story that I’m not going into because I’m really just trying to put the past behind me and let dead trees lie… haha… trying to make light of a not-so-fun situation. It also ended up taking twice as long to get the work completed and not everything was done as per the agreement. We were left with this:



The carefully planned out view from my kitchen window was now a pile of limbs and the entry to the side door was going to be blocked by HUGE stumps! We didn’t really know what we were going to do with the mess as we had been told that the land needed to be ready ASAP!

June was an extremely crazy month as my son-in-law went off to boot camp so we had some going away parties to attend. We were hoping that we would have a house by the time he came back so that we could host a dinner here for him and celebrate his accomplishments… I also had a couple of weddings to officiate as well!

Click HERE to read Part 2

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