A ‘Like New’ Kitchen With Product Links Part 2

As you all know we have been so busy working on our new house. We never dreamed that we’d still be working on it and we are anxious to get completely moved in but it has truly been one thing after another.

Be warned… this post has a TON of pictures! It will also have quite a few affiliate links to the products that we used but please feel free to go directly to the product web sites for exclusive coupons and deals. This post did get a little bit long so I split it so make it easier for reading. Be sure to check out the first post HERE and the last post HERE.

First, let’s take peek at what we started with:

We had your basic 90s kitchen package which is similar to many other mobile home kitchens. Plus we had 20+ years of dirt and grime caked on these babies!

The flooring, stove, and dishwasher are new so we wanted to make those work. We also have a new fridge for here but have found that it is a tad too big for the space so we will be keeping the old one here for now. We plan to fully renovate the kitchen in a few years so we didn’t want to sink a whole lot of money into this project. All in all, I think we stayed just shy of $400 with the biggest single expense going to the new hood range.

I did use coupons whenever possible so the majority of the paint was bought over a couple of months span. Some of the primers and such were leftovers from previous projects.

Many of the products can also be purchased at Walmart or the dollar store.

We also bought a paint sprayer that I did not include in the total cost as it was not bought solely for the kitchen. It has already come in very handy for a few projects around the house.

**This post does contain affiliate links to products and/or services that we use. If you happen to click through a link and make a purchase we may earn a teensy-weensy small commission (at NO EXTRA cost to you) if a purchase is made through these links. These links help to support our family, our blog, and our homeschooling mission. This means that we can keep bringing you great recipes, ideas, and tips for FREE! Click HERE for a full disclaimer.

 –Thank you!

Lower Cabinets

Please note that we ARE NOT cabinet professionals. The methods we used were ones that we found on other sites and ones that we felt would work best for our situation. Only time will tell how well they hold up and I will try my best to post updates as time goes on. I will also post a list of supplies at the end of the post.

The original plan was to just paint the cabinets and possibly the counters so that we could get moved in. If you’ve been following our blog then you know plans ALWAYS CHANGE and if you read our latest post you know that we had some other unexpected issues that meant it would take us a little bit longer to get moved in.

Gather your supplies: paint, brushes, cleaners, rags, etc

This may seem like a no brainer but trust me when I say it is well worth your time to take a few minutes beforehand to make sure you have everything you need nearby.

Take ‘before’ pictures

You’ll wish you had if you don’t!

Prep anything that you don’t want to be painted!

We didn’t prep for the top cabinets because we knew that we were going to paint the walls. I figured that since I was working from top to bottom I could clean up any messes before they got too bad.

We did make sure to prep for the bottoms as we didn’t want to get paint all over the floor, even though it cleans up with water.

Remove the doors and hinges – Don’t forget to number doors and cabinets!

This is another important step because you will forget what went where! Having the doors off makes it a lot easier to paint everything too.

Clean well – we used the deglosser that was sold with our paint but you could use another cleaner.

I used a mask and gloves because I’m pregnant but normally I probably wouldn’t have… just be sure to read the directions and precautions on your label.

Make any needed repairs/changes now–

We didn’t really have any changes to make to the lower cabinets. I did vow to make curtains for all the lower cabinets if the doors fell apart after cleaning.

Sand, if needed – we did not sand the top cabinets but we did the bottoms and you can tell a difference!


All of our cabinets were in really bad condition and they actually looked worse after I cleaned them but I was afraid to sand the top ones… I got over that when I saw how bad the bottom ones were.

Primer – we used Kilz2


This helps to block colors/stains that might bleed through. It also seemed to help cut down on the coats of paint we needed.


The kitchen was so bright when everything had a coat of white on it!

Primer again, if needed

This is especially important if you are making a drastic color change!

Paint — don’t PANIC, this gets better! – we used Heirloom Traditions paint in the Mediterranean for the lowers (1 quart)

The first coat always seemed to scare me but the second coat made it all look better!

Mr. Awesome painted the kickplates to match the lower cabinets as it was too hard for me to get down there right now!

Paint again, if needed – you may need a third coat

Just make sure to let them dry in between coats!

Distress, if desired – we used the Heirloom Traditions black antiquing gel

See Part 1 for the steps I used!


Some of the lower doors came out so pretty that I almost didn’t want to distress and antique them but I figured I should go ahead as I’d already done the uppers that way.

This was scary for me too but I read a few different articles and gave it a try… my confidence increased and it soon became an easy process. This step is completely optional!

I chose to distress because I know that these cabinets are going to get a lot of use with so many people running through the house so I felt that distressing them might help make the normal wear and tear a little less noticeable.

I also used some 120 grit sandpaper to lightly distress the edges a bit more… the ‘after’ photos show it a little better than this picture.

Clean hardware – I put them in an old slow cooker to soak on low and then scrubbed clean

I let everything sit on an old towel to dry before painting. The cooker was in the bathroom so I took advantage of the mirror and got a ‘bump’ picture too… lol. My bump is lot bigger already!


I also cleaned all the outlet covers as they had been previously painted.

Paint hardware – we used an antique copper because we couldn’t find an antique bronze

Painting the hardware was a lot cheaper than replacing all of it! It did take 2-3 coats to get them even. I put them on a piece of cardboard out in the yard and let them dry in between coats.

Replace doors and hardware –  make sure to coordinate the labels!

It is easier if you have a helper when hanging the doors but you can do it alone if you are patient!

Step back and enjoy your hard work!

You deserve it… have a nice glass of Sweet Tea as well!

Don’t forget to take some ‘after’ pictures to show off!

This post got a bit longer than I had planned so I’m gonna make a Part 3 for this and try to include the counters and finishing up in that post!

Materials Used:

You can read more about our house journey in these posts:


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