A Series of Unexpected Events Part 3

You may want to check out PART 1 and PART 2 before reading this one!


I really was trying to be patient and I didn’t call or ask for updates as they had said they would contact us as soon as they had the closing date but I finally messaged them on October 10th to see what was going on and I really wasn’t too happy with the generic reply I received back. I ended up emailing the bank to ask about the holdup and within a day we had a closing date set.

So we were set to close on October 18th which of course happened to be a day that Mr. Awesome had planned to leave for a meeting. We rearranged our schedules and went to the office but guess what?


Once again someone somehow forgot to let the EVERYONE know that we were closing so they didn’t have all of the paperwork ready and we had to RESCHEDULE. I was in tears as they had promised this was gonna happen and honestly it really felt like it was NEVER gonna happen. I was truly beginning to wonder if this really was meant to be.

Earlier that week (October 15th?) Ms. O had come back out to look at the property again and to place some new flags for everything. She answered all of our questions that she could and made us feel so much better. She really has been such an angel during this process!

Finally, on October 23rd we met at the office and took care of business… we finally had a house! Later that week (October 25th) a man came out to take the soil samples for the septic permit… Whoo-hoo!

We had been told the process would go much faster now but once again we hit a snag (October 28th)


Huh? The bank and the county wanted a new survey done. I had specifically asked about this several times and was assured that we didn’t need one done. We told them that we would need to have it added into the other fees as we really didn’t have the funds at the time to pay for anything else as we had already forked out money for the land clearing, the deed correction, and a few other things as well as knowing that we will need money for electric deposits and other things that will come up before we can get moved in.

At this point, I pretty much handed all of the communication over to Mr. Awesome because I really can’t deal with any more of this. We did call around and get a few estimates and we passed the information on the dealer but they just kind of left us in a limbo, not knowing if they were going to get the survey and cover the cost or not.

The current state of our shed!


On November 1st I received an email from our sales rep at the dealer. It was lucky that I had my notification set to alert or who knows when I would have seen it. It was an invoice for the survey… I printed it out and gave it to Mr. Awesome who called the dealer. I really don’t know what the whole conversation was but we were still in a bit of limbo because we didn’t know who was going to be paying for this.

On November 4th I happened to go outside and found a crew of guys in the driveway with spades and flags… it was a survey crew. They finished up the survey the next day and left us with some lovely wooden stakes and pink ribbons!

Now we are still in limbo as EVERYTHING had been put on hold until the report comes back from the survey crew. No one seemed to be able to tell us when this would happen and what the process would be from here out. This is extremely frustrating to feel like everything is just up in the air and no one knows what is going on.

Apparently, this survey issue had never come up with any of the previously sold houses until just now and they say that they have several other homeowners in similar situations. After several phone calls to different people, Mr. Awesome made a call to Ms. O who took care of the issue and now we should hopefully be back on track! Thank you, Ms. O!!!!

So now, fingers crossed, we will begin to see more work being completed and maybe we will have a house soon… the hopes of having Thanksgiving in our new house don’t seem too realistic now and I’m afraid to even hope for Christmas at this point.

Ms. Ana will be moving out of state as soon as her husband finishes up his training. She had planned to come to help me with the new house before she left but with no house here I will just have more work to do by myself. Ms. Olivia and Mr. Amaury have offered to come to help out though when we are ready to get moved. 

Have I told you that we also have had some new uninvited house guests? We have squirrels in the walls where the kitchen and bathroom meet. They were an addition to the cabin many years ago and apparently were the house is settling and separating there are some gaps that seemed inviting to the squirrels. Now, even when the kids are playing outside, I truly have NO PEACE AND QUIET as the little rodents are constantly chattering!

I will continue to update our blog as things progress and hopefully, we will have a final new house update soon!


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