Eureka! I Found My Belt And A Lot Of Gold!

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Oh my! What a day we have had. As you know from yesterday’s post I was feeling a bit overwhelmed before we even made it to our dance… I finally found that missing belt though and you’ll never guess where. If it had been a snake it would have bit me… it really would have.



Remember the pile of clothes I had laid out on the bed? Can you guess where it is? Take a closer look…


See it now? I have no idea how it got there even though I am quite sure I must’ve done it before I put away my crinoline. I’ve never done this before so I’m really quite puzzled as to why I did that but it is safe and sound where it belongs now.

Crazy thing is I didn’t really even need it last night as it wasn’t quite the right shade… sigh. Here’s a quick pic of my outfit… I was hoping to get a better pic last night but that never happened either.


It is quite a pretty dress and I got it Mr. Awesome got it from Square Up Fashions. I should have had it shortened a bit but rolling the waist down worked out fine. This dress is the turquoise version found HERE.

We had a late night last night and of course I had to get up early. Not only did I have a shopping trip planned I also got a notification about a Farm Share event happening nearby. I have been wanting to go check this out and somehow I had forgotten that it was happening this morning but I was able to SQUEEZE it into our CRAZY schedule.

Ms. Olivia, who is doing quite well, had volunteered at one of these events earlier in the year and had brought us some yummy vegetables to enjoy. I wasn’t sure what all they had but I really wanted to check it out.

They are on a mission to help end hunger and do this by helping to distribute foods that would otherwise end up in landfills. Crazy to think about how much good food that actually gets thrown out when there are so many who could use it. With our food budget being a little on the tight side right now I really wanted to go see what this was all about.

Well today was another one of those CRAZY days here. The kids were slow getting up and then the van needed gas… deep breath… I really hate when I get in a vehicle and the gas light comes on before I leave the yard but that’s a problem for another day.  I did know last night that it would need gas so it wasn’t as much of a shock as it is sometimes.

Once everyone was up, dressed, and fed we headed out for our chilly adventure. Then we had to stop for gas before getting to our first destination. Unfortunately for us many others had been there before us and there wasn’t much left. However I did speak to a really nice woman and she made sure we didn’t go away empty handed. We definitely have enough coconut milk for Mr. William to use and possibly enough to try out a new recipe or two. She also gave us a big box of mint cookies… yum!

I really like the mission of this organization and I would really love to possibly do some volunteer work at some time. They really do a lot of work in our comunity and provide such a great service. I don’t know if there are any locations in other states but this may be something worth checking into if you are interested.

After that we headed to pick up our Sam’s Club order. Did you know that with the Click ‘n Pull orders you don’t have to even go into the store? I didn’t know that until today. This is great for me as I don’t really like going in to the store and shopping everytime I go because the store is just so BIG! I did go into the store today as I wanted to make sure that was the way it worked and sure enough the cashier said I could’ve waited in the pick up line. Great to know for the next time we go.

I had also planned to shop at Aldi to pick up a few other things we needed. The kids haven’t been to Aldi in a while and they were fascinated by the whole quarter in the shopping cart deal. They were quick to remind me that we needed to pick up some items for our Gold Rush Party. I promised that we would and they offered to ‘keep an eye out’ for some good stuff and they did just that!

Everything seemed to be ‘just perfect’ for our upcoming party and we did end up with more ‘junk gold food’ than I would normally buy but I guess that’s ok every now and then. They are only little once and this will be something they will remember and hopefully it will help them to recall something about the Gold Rush later on.

After finishing up at Aldi, stopping at Dollar Tree, and a quick trip to Walmart we ended up with fries, chicken nuggets, a pineapple, and lots of candy. I mean LOTS of candy. We didn’t go trick or treating but they sure made up for that today! We also had a ton of groceries to put away:


That picture doesn’t even show the bags on the stove or in the hallway to the kitchen… there was a lot and it took me quite a while to get them situated. I did this as quickly as I could so that we could get started on our party preparations.

I also set the timer for 15 minutes so they could do a quick ‘tidy up’ around the house. It’s AMAZING to see how fast they cleaned up when they were motivated. We then set the timer for 30 minutes so that I could get them to help me move some stuff out to the shed and get some Fall decorations up. We’ve not decorated this house since we moved in and I was determined to get it done or give away the totes pf unused decor.

Here is what we accomplished:

You’ll see a bit more in some of the other pics and I’ve changed a couple of things since these were taken but it made such a big difference in making our little house a little more ‘homey’.😊

Then it was back to the party preparations. The stove was covered with party supplies so we had to take care of that because the only other place to put them was on the counter and I needed the counter to prep the food. The kids blew up gold colored balloons and then I showed them how to put them on the sticks and we cut some foam to put in the buckets. We then arranged the balloons in the buckets and layered some candies around them.


I pulled out a Fall themed table runner that Nanny J had given me earlier in the year. It’s so nice to have things semi organized so I can put my hands on things when I need them. This matched quite well with the other decor we had out. The kids then spread some gold coins and candies out around the centerpiece. Aren’t the pumpkins so cute? Nanny J and Papa O brought them for the kids this week. The kids plan to turn them into pumpkin pie soon though.


We also arranged some of the other treats on a gold tray. We did some Fiddle Faddle popcorn which they insisted looked like gold nuggets. We mixed up some of the new Hershey’s Gold Bar pieces with some Peanut Brittle clusters and Yellow Peanut M&Ms to look like ‘Gold’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’. The final section was filled with Goldfish.

Then we used some store brand oreo cookies and some gold spray mist color to make some ‘Gold coated’ cookies. I wasn’t too sure how they would turn out but they looked pretty good and they tasted good too!

Once this was all taken care of we started on the food. First I set out the chicken breasts… these things were HUGE. I got a big pack from Sam’s Club and was totally amazed by how big these were. I mean I’d be scared to see the chicken these came from!

They were really so big that I was able to cut four of them each into four pieces to get them to equal the size of a ‘regular’ one that I get from the grocery store. They did cook down a bit but they were plenty big enough for a good portion.


I seasoned these with some  Alvi’s Incredible Seasoning  and set them to the side. I had actually gotten a whole box of these to use for a party and review but the box came in while I was out of town for my Mom-mom’s funeral and I didn’t get the chance to do the party… Oops… we have used a few of the seasonings and they have all been really good so far.

While they were marinating I started cutting the pineapple. Joey supervised and did some quality control and then I had the kids help me cut some of the slices into smaller bits for the Pineapple Upside-Down cake and cupcakes.

They are really enjoying putting their skills learned with the Kids Cook Real Food  program to use in the kitchen. These kid-safe knives and easy to hold cutters are perfect for little hands to practice with!

When the cakes went into the oven I started on the chicken. I cooked the bacon in my cast iron pan and then browned and cooked the chicken in the same pan… you could cook the chicken in olive oil but I really like the extra flavor from the bacon grease. You can cook some sliced mushrooms in the grease as well…MMmmmm!

While these were baking I went ahead and dumped some chicken nuggets on a large cookie sheet and dumped some French Fries on another. I then popped them in the oven under the cakes.

Then I layered the cooked chicken, the bacon, and topped it with some cheese. When the cakes were finished baking I put the chicken in to finish up and got started on the Mac N Cheese.


By the time it was finished the chicken, nuggets, and french fries were done too. It was party time!


The minions were eager to get their gold plates full of ‘Golden’ food to the table. Once they finished their food and washed it down with some Gold Juice aka Tampico Island Punch they were ready to dig into the treats. They didn’t go overboard but they enjoyed everything so much except for giving their speeches… lol.

Yep, this was part of their History grade so they had to give speeches. The girls took turns and then answered questions. Papa O said he learned some new facts that he hadn’t heard before and so did a couple of other people. I learned quite a bit while we were doing this unit study and I’m glad that the kids were able to pass along a little of their learning to others in a fun way. Even Joey gave a quick speech, from memory, and had a fun time.

Then it was time for some FUN! They each had a fun Gold Rush Wordsearch to do and some glow in the dark sticks to play with. I dug out the LED Party Favors from a review I had done earlier this year. These were a big hit! The kids also had fun showing off their Gold Flakes and Pyrite from an activity we had done earlier.

When all was said and done it was a long day but it was good, really good day! I think this was the perfect way to wrap up our first part of our Little House on the Praire Academic Adventure!

I hope others can have a little fun with it too. You can always pick just a couple of activities to go along with the book and to help create memories for kids and/or grandkids. They will remember the simple things like churning butter in a mason jar or making corn husk dolls for a lifetime. Many of the lessons learned from the Little House on the Prairie series are not taught in schools today.

I have included various activities for all subject and as well as a lot of Life Skills into our weekly studies. I broke them down into weeks, not days, to keep us from feeling so rushed to get things completed. This has worked out well for us and our CRAZY schedule. The good things is that others could also use this on their own time schedule and could choose just one or two activities and complete this unit faster if they chose to do so.

My kids have been learning so many valuable lessons on good manners and character as well as important skills like how to wash dishes and cooking simple meals. These are skills they will use for a lifetime. Best of all, they are having FUN while learning!

Be on the look out for the next adventure, LittleHouse On The Prairie Adventure, coming soon!

Click Here for the Gold Rush Party Menu!

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