Finding Peace Amongst The Dirty Socks, Grocery Lists, Stuffed Animals, And Buffalo

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How’s your day going? I hope you said it’s going well but if it didn’t you may be having a day like mine. I’ve been busy, too busy on too many things… you probably know how that goes when you try to multitask. Sometimes multitasking can be great and you can accomplish a lot but then there are those times that nothing seems to get done.

I’ve been working on our next unit study using  ‘The Little House On The Prairie‘ written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We had so much fun with our last unit study Little House In The Big Woods Adventure that we decided to keep on going. This is A LOT of work though but I want my kids to have fun learning so it is well worth it. To be honest I’m having a blast doing this with them too.

This next unit study is going to be so much fun! I have found so many projects, crafts, and fun activities to go along with our studies. We will be studying about so many things like prairie animals including prairie dogs and buffalo. Then there are the Native American studies that we will be doing along with continuing our state studies. We will also be touching a little bit on stars and constellations as the kids have really been interested in this topic lately. One of the girls asked to do an herb study too so I am trying to work on that as well.

Of course I have a lot more than that included in the study and I still have to finish up our Life Skills section. This time I am hoping to do it a little differently but still plan to include some fun activities like baking some molasses cookies, sewing sun bonnets, and memorizing some bible verses. I think I will have some camping tips, information, or other activities in this study as well so we may see a Weenie Roast and S’mores in our future! I’m not sure what other fun activities I will find to go along with it as I haven’t really even started this section yet and I plan to start this unit next week! AHHHH!

You can check it out and use some of the activities to go along if you plan to read this series with your kids too. A good majority of the resources I link to are FREE because I really like FREE stuff. Some of the links are affiliate links to things we are or will be using.

I am slowly working my way through the books and coming up with lots of fun stuff to do. It has been such slow progress because of so many unexpected interruptions. The biggest being the impromptu trip to Pennsylvania due to the passing of my Mom-mom. I am still not quite over that as much as I felt I should have been by now but I know everything takes time.

Then on top of that I have a houseful of kiddos running around. There are so many chores, like the never ending laundry, and so much cleaning that I need to catch up on I get overwhelmed at times. Not to mention I have to feed these little monsters at least three times a day! No wonder I can’t get anything done. Another issue this week has been our internet… yes, again. It seems that no matter what I do I can’t get it to do like I feel it should. We don’t have a lot of choices so I’m kinds stuck with what I have for now but I do plan to research options… really I do when I get a free moment… lol.


I got aggravated earlier and went to use the touch screen as my mouse wasn’t responding. In the process I knocked over my coffee, which was thankfully in a mug with a lid, and it spilled on my laptop, the island, the grocery lists (Yes I have two this week, one for and one for Aldi), and everything else around it. You can see my pile of stuff in the picture Sam’s Club above. Not all of that is mine…. I’m really not sure where those donut holes came from. If it had been just black coffee it might not have been such a big deal but I had some French Vanilla creamer in it. This resulted in a BIG sticky mess.


After cleaning that up and finishing up our school work I realized that I needed to start getting things ready for our dance tonight. I went in the bedroom to start laying out clothes so I can get them steamed. It was then that I realized I was a missing a belt. Not just any belt but my turquoise belt which I know I had when we went to PA. I needed it to go with the outfit I had planned to where tonight. Isn’t it pretty? Where could it be?

That’s a good question as I still haven’t found it. The more I tried to look the more upset and overwhelmed I got. I mean there were dirty socks here and there:


Random piles of toys and stuff throughout the house:

But no belt. I went through my drawers and couldn’t find it. Plus in the process I managed to knock a wheel off:


I was ready to throw my hands up in the air and just give up for the day. I was almost in tears as the stress of so many things was really getting to me. Then I sat down on the bed for a moment and took a few deep breaths.

I thought about all the fun we have had over the past week when we went to the square dances and to play putt putt:

I thought about the fun things we’ve done in the kitchen like making mini muffins from our Blueberry Oatmeal Bread recipe and hot cocoa when we had our first day of ‘real Fall weather’ and the delicious yummy Potato Soup with the ‘hexagon shaped bread pieces’ aka oyster crackers. We found a shortcut for the soup by using diced hash brown potatoes from the freezer section.

I thought about a big my kids were getting. Jacob just had his first dentist appointment and the girls got to wear their first complete square dance outfits:

Aren’t they so cute? This reminded me about how fast time flies and how precious time is. Did I really want to waste it being upset about a belt? Or about anything else for that matter? No. I also thought about how blessed I am to have a home, a family, and so much stuff that others could only hope for.

I decided to give it one more look as I straightened up my room. I got the bed made up and the clothes set out.


I also fixed the wheel and straightened up my drawers. It looks so much better, don’t you think?


I still didn’t find my belt but I know it will turn up, eventually. I had a black belt that would go with the outfit so that is what I’ll be wearing with it. I’ll try to post a picture of it later.

I also went back to the computer and got my Sam’s Club order placed so we can pick it up tomorrow. I also remembered to activate my Ebates so I can get some cash back on that purchase. The grocery lists were dry so I put them with the printed out receipt and my card together on the island. Fingers crossed I don’t forget them in the morning. Aldi is right across the road from Sam’s Club so it should be fairly easy to finish up our shopping tomorrow.

Click here to get rewarded when you sign up for an account wiht Sam’s club.

My grocery budget is a little tight right now but I plan to try to put a certain amount each week to ‘stock up’ on items from Sam’s Club  and then use the rest of the money for items that I can find cheaper at Aldi. The only exception are the wonderful cleaners I get from Grove… I love all of them and I just placed our monthly order yesterday. I ordered a pack of their new toilet paper and paper towels to try. They are made from Bamboo which is more sustainable than trees. We have been talking a lot about using natural and environmental friendly products so I thought it would be a good idea to give these products a try.

Waiting for you is a FREE Mrs. Meyer’s 5-piece set!

The kids are finishing up with their showers right now so I should have plenty of time to get one before we leave. I also made a double batch of Cheddar Chicken last night so we would have plenty for a quick dinner today before we leave. Now to get the garment steamer fired up and finish up the clothes so I can have a minute or two to relax before tonight.

I hope your day has went better than my day started and I pray that no matter how it is going you can find a little peace today.

As I was finishing up this post the kids reminded me we are supposed to have a Gold Rush Party tomorrow…. sigh…. there goes my rest before tonight as I need to see what ideas they came up with and see what I can squeeze into my shopping trip tomorrow. I’ll try my best to get some pics and post them too!





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