A Little House On The Pond Gold Rush Party Menu

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I know I did another post about our Gold Rush Party preparations but I thought it might be helpful to just post the basic menu that we used and decorations that did. This was a lot smaller scale than we had originally planned as I had some unexpected bills come up which made our food budget a little tighter this month.

Here was the menu that the kids came up with:

Gold Rush Party Menu


Main Menu:

  1. Lemonade (The actually chose some ‘Tampico Island Punch’ instead… it was a golden/yellowish color so we went with it.)
  2. Gold Rush Chicken aka Alice Springs Chicken for the adults (I tried some of Alvi’s Incredible Seasoning in place of the Seasoned Salt and it was AMAZING!)
  3. Golden Nuggets aka chicken nuggets for the kids.
  4. Honey Mustard dipping sauce
  5. Gold Noodles aka Grandma’s Mac N Cheese
  6. Golden French Fries

Look at this HUGE bag I found at Sam’s Club:




  1. Goldfish crackers
  2. Butterscotch candies
  3. Pineapple chunks
  4. Pineapple upside down cake (I made a few individual cupcake size cakes and used fresh pineapple which made them extra delicious.)
  5. An assortment of gold wrapper candies like Mini Twix bars, Hershey’s Kisses, Rolos, and Mini Reese’s cups.
  6. Peanut Brittle Chunks mixed with Hersheys Gold bar pieces and yellow peanut M&Ms.
  7. Fiddle Faddle popcorn.
  8. Gold Coated Cookies (We used a store brand oreo cookie with some gold spray mist color. 1 can did approximately 12 cookies.)





A lot of these were found at Dollar Tree and/or Walmart. Oriental Trading had some great decorations but I just didn’t have time to get them. Amazon also has a wide assortment of gold party supplies. 

  1. Gold Balloons
  2. Gold plates
  3. Gold buckets
  4. Gold Trays
  5. Party Hats (They couldn’t find any yellow or gold ones so they chose Minions, of course.)
  6. Glow sticks
  7. LED Party Favors (we had these left over from a product review I had done a while back.)


They also used a lot of the different candies as decorations around the centerpiece and around the house. They also had to include a dinosaur… who knows maybe there have been some dinosaur fossils found while gold mining?

We had some gold flakes to show everyone as well as a few pieces of pyrite from their Gold Digging kit that they had done last week. This would have been a great activity for kids to do although it would be best for older kids as it was a bit difficult for the younger ones.

I printed out this Gold Rush Wordsearch for the kids to do as well. There are a ton of ideas for games that you could do. We just didn’t get around to playing any as the kids had too much fun with the LED toys and glow sticks. They were also busy helping out with the decorating and and putting their skills learned from Kids Cook Real Food  to help with the food prep.

The girls also gave a speech about the California Gold Rush and answered questions. Joey gave a simple speech as well off the top of his head. All in all everyone had some great fun and enjoyed themselves quite a bit.

We are looking forward to our next party when we finish up our Little House on the Prairie book.

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