Pull-Apart Cakes (Cupcake Cakes)

Lately, I have been making pull-apart cakes for birthdays. They are so much easier to serve and so much fun. They can also be a little bit of a challenge to design. Below are some of the cake designs we have attempted so far.Pull Apart cakes are so easy and so much fun! My kids are loving these and they make clean up a breeze at parties.

Flower Power Pull Apart Cake (not really a recipe as you can make it with your favorite cake and icing.)


R2D2 Jr.Pull-Apart Cake (for when you don’t have the exact colors for R2D2… lol)


Stegosaurus Pull Apart Cake


Sunflower Pull-Apart Cake


T-Rex Pull-apart-cake

I think this doggie like cupcakes as much as my kids do!


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