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Teach Kids These 5 Habits for Lifelong Healthy Eating

Teach Kids These 5 Habits for Lifelong Healthy Eating:

What are the best habits you learned from your parents? What are the most important habits you’re teaching your kids? #2 on this list is especially good:

Teach Kids These 5 Habits for Lifelong Healthy Eating

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The Nicer You Are The Happier You Are

Kids say the darndest things sometimes and I just don’t know where they come up with some of the things that come out of their little mouths. My five year old told me yesterday that ‘the nicer you are the happier you are’. I asked him where he had heard that and he said he learned it from one of his video lessons.

Wow! I am amazed at the things they pick up sometimes and this time I am so glad that it was a good lesson. We all had a quick little discussion about whether or not that statement was true as Caitlyn (10 going on 30) insisted it couldn’t possibly be correct.

She later changed her mind after realizing that the old advice ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you’ was probably the reasoning behind her brother’s remark. We also discussed ways to be kind to one another and how we would want to be treated in certain situations.

All in all it was a very good, but impromptu, lesson in character.

What have your kids said lately that has surprised you?

Product Review: Russian Piping Tips by Asani


So this weekend was really cold, again, and the kids were getting a bit antsy while being cooped up in the house. Luckily Momma has a drawer full of items that need tested out and the kids really wanted to help. They have been begging me to make cupcakes so I decided to give these Russian Piping Tips a try. (Yep, Affiliate Link… so if you did decided to purchase these I might get a small little kickback.)

We had so much fun! Momma baked the cupcakes and made some homemade icing.  (I did make it a little softer than normal so the kids would have an easier time with it. Continue reading Product Review: Russian Piping Tips by Asani

Kids Driving You Bonkers Yet?

Well, I hope your kids aren’t making you too crazy yet… I’ve already stepped off the loco train a long time ago when I decided to homeschool but that’s another story. Here are a few crafts to keep those entertained and hopefully out of your hair. (I’ve also included a couple of affiliate links to some crafts you can buy on Amazon… at no extra charge to you! You’re welcome!) Continue reading Kids Driving You Bonkers Yet?

How To Properly Set a Table

I have been working on a Home Ec class for my kids. (Its printed and waiting to be bound and/or laminated.) One of the activities is setting the table. When I came across this post on my Facebook feed I felt I should share it as many of us do get confused and some of us really don’t care.

Continue reading How To Properly Set a Table

Too cute!

This video is just too cute!

It reminds me of my kids when I’m trying to work on something important.

Clingy Panda video

Sneak Peek: November 14, 2017

Below is a sneak peak at some of my upcoming blog posts.

Stay tuned for some more exciting things to come as well!

Have a blessed day!

Dollar Tree Finds: 10/20/2017

Its took me a few days to get this post written but I wanted to share a few neat things I found at my last trip to Dollar Tree.

My littlest ones are still really into dinosaurs and all of them are so artistic it’s complete craziness here sometimes. Right now we have crayons, markers, scissors, glue sticks, and paper all over the table and floor from their latest projects. I probably have enough artwork to fill a museum… some of these masterpieces will eventually make it to friends and family.

I try my best to restrain myself when I walk down the ‘teacher’ section but I was super excited when I spotted these iDRAW dinosaur books with step by step instructions on how to draw so many different dinosaurs. Then I was almost doing a little happy dance to see that they had a few other versions like sea life, jungle animals, horses, and such. The kids are going to love these and I am hoping to incorporate them into some of their art classes while we homeschool.

There was also a Learn to Recycle kit that I picked up. I think this will work well as we are learning about the earth right now. If I don’t incorporate it into the Science lessons I’m sure I will find a place to use it as a teaching tool and they will have tons of fun doing this activity.

I found a few stickers to use on their projects as well as some jewel toned stickers. These stickers will, hopefully, be used to mark the countries and places we are ‘visiting’ in Social Studies. You can see more about this here. The kids are having a blast with this study so far. We have visited Great Britain and Spain with plans to visit France next week. (Our trip to Greece has been delayed as I haven’t received the Highlights kit yet.)

I’ll keep checking back and bringing you new items that I find to use in our homeschool.

Happy Homeschooling!


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Homeschool: Acorn Crafts

What a better way to celebrate the changing of the seasons than with some fun crafts? This week we are doing some different Fall themed crafts so I’ll try to take some pictures and post them so you can use them in your home as well. Most kids love art projects and mine love ones that involve scissors and glue. (They love glitter too but I’m not that brave today…lol.) Continue reading Homeschool: Acorn Crafts

Getting Back To My Morning Routine

Hey everyone! I’m slowly getting back to routines and really hope to start blogging on a more regular basis. This move has really been crazy but as things are settling down we are starting to get back to our routines, and changing them as needed.

Just wanted to give you all a peek into our morning routine today and share some of what we’ve been up to. Continue reading Getting Back To My Morning Routine

July Holidays

I will try to update this list with some fun activities as well. Feel free to click the links to find out more about the origins and meanings behind these special days. I plan to incorporate a few of these into our normal homeschool routine to add a little fun and excitement to our days. Have fun and maybe make up your own personal family holiday or tradition for the month!

This month is full of food days so as school finishes up this may be the perfect time to incorporate some cooking lessons into your day with your kids. Just be sure to keep it simple and have fun!

(Links will be updated closer to the dates of each holiday.)

I found this list and more here:

Independence Day (4th)

**see Independence Day for more activities

National Fried Chicken Day (6th)

**see National Fried Chicken Day for recipes

Chocolate Day (7th)

**see Chocolate Day for more activities

National Blueberry Day (8th)

**see National Blueberry Day for more activities and recipes

National Sugar Cookie Day (9th)

**see National Sugar Cookie Day for more activities and recipes

Teddy Bear Picnic Day (10th)

**see Teddy Bear Picnic Day for more activities

Cheer up the Lonely Day (11th)

**see Cheer up the Lonely Day for more activities

Pecan Pie Day (12th)

**see Pecan Pie Day for more activities and recipes

National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday of the month)

**see National Ice Cream Dayfor more activities and recipes

Global Hug Your Kids Day (3rd Monday of the month)

**see Global Hug Your Kids Day for more activities

National Lollipop Day (20th)

**see National Lollipop Day for more activities and recipes

Hammock Day (22nd)

**see Hammock Day for more activities

National Hot Dog Day (23rd)

**see National Hot Dog Day for more activities and recipes

Amelia Earhart Day (24th)

**see Amelia Earhart Day for more activities

Aunt and Uncle Day (26th)

**see Aunt and Uncle Day for more activities

National Lasagna Day (29th)

**see National Lasagna Day for more activities and recipes

National Cheesecake Day (30th)

**see National Cheesecake Day for more activities and recipes

Father-in-Law Day (30th)

**see Father-in-Law Day for more activities

Mutt’s Day (31st)

**see Mutt’s Day for more activities

Also check out:

Homeschool: July on Pinterest

Meteor Day

Meteor Day is a day to hopefully enjoy those cosmic meteor displays. Click  here to learn more about this holiday. This is celebrated on June 30th.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)



Fun and Facts with Kids: Meteor Day! – blogger

Meteor Day – Punchbowl

Meteorites – Astronomy For Kids – KidsAstronomy.com

Education World: Great Sites For Teaching About: Meteor Showers

Meteor Facts: Lesson for Kids | Study.com

Make Craters with Mini-Meteors – Scientific American