Little House On The Prairie Adventure Week 8 Lesson Plans

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We Start every morning off with our prayers and the Pledge of Allegiance. Below is a picture of the prayers that we say and a video of the Pledge of Allegiance.


Not the prettiest example but that’s what we’ve been using for the past few years.

Don’t have a flag? Grab one HEREand print it out to put up somewhere… you could even let the kids make a flag to proudly display. Amazon also has some little ones like this one HERE and HERE.

After this we have our calendar time also where we go over such things as the Days of the Week, the months, and some basic math.


This one came from Lakeshore Learning.

We also like to use this song during our ‘Morning Time’ to help the kids learn the 50 States. 

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.

Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24 (Prairie Fire, Indian War Cry, Indians Ride Away)

Here is our lesson plan for the week:

Language Arts

Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24


Read Chapters 22, 23 & 24

Discussion Questions:

Chapter Twenty-Two:

  • What did Pa like so much about the land?
  • Why did they keep their food hidden and locked up?
  • What scary thing happened? How did they handle it?
  • Where did Ma say they would’ve went if Pa had been in town?
  • What were some things that could have caused the fire?

Chapter Twenty-Three:

  • What made the family so uneasy?
  • What woke Laura up?
  • What did Pa do at the table? Why?
  • What did the Osage Indian tell Pa?

Chapter Twenty-Four:

  • What did Laura finally get to see?
  • Who was the first Indian in the procession?
  • What did Laura want Pa to get for her?
  • What did Pa have to do to Jack? Why?

Additional Reading:

Each child would complete a reading lesson from our McGuffey Primer Books or other reading materials that we chose for the day.

Younger kids will also be doing one lesson a day from Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.


Older Kids:

Parents click HERE for the answer key.**see instructions at the top of the page.

Younger Kids:


Using  Spencerian Penmanship go over the instructions on p. 14 – 15


  • Write about a time when you were scared and what happened.
  • Continue working in your workbook.

Other Activity:


Older kids:

Younger kids:



Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24

You can work on a lesson in your Ray’s Arithmetic Books or other math workbook. (The lessons below reflect what we worked on.)


Rotate through these activities:

Older Kids:

Younger Kids:

Geography and History

Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24

1. State Study

  • This week we will study North Carolina.
  • Complete your notebooking pages.
  • Older kids can write a report about the state.

2. Continue to Research Native Indian Tribes

  • Learn about ways that the Native Indians communicated.
  • Discuss what you have learned.
  • Complete this Lapbook piece HERE on pictogaphs.
  • Learn about war dances.
  • Go outside and give it a try after you watch this video:
  • Discuss what you have learned.
  • How would this have made you feel if you had heard it in the middle of the night?
  • Complete this Lapbook piece HERE.
  • Explore the Native Americans Resource Box from Lakeshore Learning

3. Read about settler children who were adbucted by Native Americans.

  • Watch this video about children who were kidnapped.
  • Why do you think this happened?
  • Why do you think that some of the children didn’t want to go home?



Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24

1. Research Wild Fires.

  • Discuss what you learned.

How we fight wildfires:

  • Discuss what you learned.
  • How do these methods compare/contrast with the methods used by Pa and Ma?

2. Continue learning about simple machines.

We will be using Explore Simple Machines!: With 25 Great Projects for this study.

Can you be an inventor?

  • Read pages 80-83 of your book.
  • Write down these words and their definitions:
    • engineering design process
    • construct
  • What five types of inventors are there?
  • What would you invent?
  • Do one of the activities on pages 84-85.

Watch this video for more information:

  • Discuss what you learned.

3. Navigating the night sky.

  • Discuss what you learned.



Life Skills

Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24

1. Following Ma’s Example

During this section we read about how the family’s bed time routine got disrupted. This affected everyone in many ways. Can remember a few things Laura mentioned? What happened to Pa at the table?

Bedtime routines are important for everyone so they can get enough rest. When you are well rested it can help you have a more productive day.

Watch this video on Bedtime Routines:

  • These kids are young but they know their routine. Do you have a bedtime routine?
  • What are the steps in their routine?
  • What are the steps in your routine?

Look at the chart below and find your recommended bedtime:

School’s Facebook post about kids’ ideal bedtimes draws cheers, jeers

  • What is your suggested bedtime?
  • What time do you normally go to bed?
  • What time do you normally wake up?
  • What changes should you make in your bedtime to make sure you are getting enough sleep?

2. Ways to help around the house like Laura

When we sweep and mop we always pick up any throw rugs that we have on the floor. One child is usually responsible for picking them up, taking then outside, and shaking them out. We will usually leave them hanging on the porch railing for a bit to air out as well.

How to shake out a rug:

  • Carefully roll up the rugs that need to be shaken out.
  • Take the rugs outside
  • Shake them well and either hang them over the rail or lay them somewhere safe for a moment.
  • Sweep the floor and mop, if needed.
  • Bring the rugs back in and put in place.

This is a pretty simple task to do just make sure that you don’t get any dirt in your eyes, or anyone else’s, when you are shaking the rugs.

3. Character

We will be focusing on OBEDIENCE this unit. If you don’t have the book we used you can go HERE and download a lesson plan guide to use in your home.

MemorizeChildren, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord. – Colossians 3:20

We will be studying obedience during this unit. What is obedience?

  • The 5th commandment tells us to Honor Thy Father and Mother:

4. Manners

Watch this video about the importance of manners:

  • What did you think about it?
  • What bad manners did you see?
  • What good manners did you see?

5. Memory Verse

We will be memorizing Psalm 8 during this unit study. Print it HERE.

  • Work on memorizing a verse during the week for a special prize.
    • Verse 8: The fowl of the air, and the fish of the sea, and whatsoever passeth through the paths of the seas
  • Older kids can copy the memory verse down in their notebook.

6. Fun Activities

7. Bonus Skills — Choose one or two to work on

Practice these until you finish this unit study and then we will move on to another new skill.

Kids Cook Real Food 

  • Work on: Healthy Snacks

  • Help to prepare a meal using your new skills.

Skill Trek:

  • Work on at least one task a week.
  • Practice your new skill this week.

Memorize the books of the Bible:

Learn about camping.

  • Research about purifying water to drink.
  • Practice boiling water on a campfire.

Here’s a video to get you started:

Learn about Herbs.

Chamomile: The Calm Child Herb

  • Discuss what you learned.
  • Be sure to jot down some notes.
  • Check out this post HERE for a great handmade gift idea!


PE, Health & Safety

Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24

1. How are diseases spread?

We learned about how the Fever n’ Ague was spread by mosquitoes but do you know how other diseases are spread?

  • Discuss what you have learned.

2. Diseases spread to the Indians

We have read and researched about the Indians. Did you know that many Indians died from diseases that were brought by the newcomers? Let’s learn about some of these diseases.

  • Watch this video to learn about some of the diseases spread to the Indians by settlers:
  • Discuss what you have learned.
  • What diseases have you heard of? Which ones have you never heard of?
  • Are these diseases still around today?
  • Older kids can choose a disease to research further and write a report about.

3. Importance of Sleep

In this section of the book the family had trouble sleeping. Do you remember why? Do you know why sleep is so important?

  • Discuss what you have learned.
  • Talk about a time when you didn’t get enough rest. How did you feel?

4. Games/Outdoor Play

Music, Arts & Crafts

You can find more Native American crafts and activities HERE , HERE, HERE and a FREE printable coloring book HERE.

Week 8: Chapters 22, 23 & 24


  1. Choose a Frog Craft

Smiling Wisdom - Jumping Hop Frog Origami Game - Holiday Favors, Classroom - 50 Colorful Origami Frogs - Children's Paper Game - Holiday Party Activity Ideas for Boys & Girls - Multicolored

Smiling Wisdom – Jumping Hop Frog Origami Game

2. Buffalo Crafts

3. Indian Papoose Craft


  1. Buffalo coloring pages
  2. Native American Hunter coloring page


  1. The Gum Tree Canoe p. 117Laura Ingalls Wilder Songbook



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