Looking On The Bright Side

Well, as you know from yesterday’s post I was a little emotional waiting for this doctor’s visit and ultrasound. I had prayed that everything would look better than it did before but that wasn’t really the case.

With all this COVID-19 craziness I couldn’t bring anyone to my appointment (although the doctor offered to get someone if I had them waiting outside). That in itself was hard because I’ve felt like I’ve needed more emotional support during this pregnancy.

This pregnancy has been my most difficult one to date and it doesn’t seem like it is going to get much easier from here one out. I’m writing this as I sit waiting for another blood draw from the 3 hour glucose test.

I started out with ultrasound. Little Miss Priss wasn’t cooperating very well and she definitely gave the tech a run for her money. She was the cutest little thing though as she bounced around and waved her little arms around.

Once the tech finished then she went to get the doctor. They always try to reassure you that everything is fine and that the doctor just needs another peek. I felt differently so I just came out and asked the doctor if she was still showing markers for Down Syndrome.

He said that unfortunately she was and that was what he was going to check on. He was very thorough and he explained everything that he was looking at and the significance of what it could mean.

She still has an area of concern in her brain where there is a bit more fluid than normal. It also seems to be affecting the development of her cerebellum. This will be re-examined in a few weeks with an MRI so we can decide what medical interventions she may need after birth.

The next area of concern was her heart. The hole that they thought they saw in the earlier scan is still there and it may prove to be a bit more complicated than we thought. We will know more in a couple of weeks after her echocardiogram.

On the brighter side everything else looks really good and they didn’t find any new concerns. She is measuring right on schedule, she had plenty of fluid, and the placenta looks good. Plus she is a very active little girl… she is also very cute!

The doctor did ask again if I wanted an amniocentesis done so we could confirm a diagnosis of DS but I declined. He also asked if it was my intentions to carry her to term and I said yes. Just thinking about the alternative makes me tear up because this is not a decision I ever thought I’d be asked.

We will have several more tests scheduled and we will have meetings with some of the neonatal doctors later on. For now though we will trust her to the Lord as He has made her just the way she should be… she has been fearfully and wonderfully made! He has blessed us to be her parents and we are so thankful for that.

After the ultrasound I headed to see the doctor which ended up being the midwife this time around. The tears started flowing once I sat down and I had to have a little cry before I could get myself together.

The midwife and I talked for a couple of minutes. She was concerned because my BP was a little high and I have had a headache for the past few days. I have instructions on what to do when I get home plus I need to monitor my blood pressure every day from here on out. I also have instructions on what to do when if it reaches a certain point although I’m praying it doesn’t get that bad.

I will be coming back in a couple of weeks to be checked again unless I have some other issues and need to be seen sooner. She did order a few more labs for me and sent in a prescription that should help with this heartburn I’ve been dealing with.

Well, I still have two more blood draws to go before I can eat these peanut butter crackers that I stuck I my bag. I’m praying you all have a wonderful weekend and stay safe!

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