Homeschooling Through The Unexpected

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We’ve all been there… or some of us have. I was once a very efficient, organized, multitasking homeschooling Momma. I still am for the most part but I have learned that you also need a lot of flexibility and patience.

There will be times when your plans go perfectly and everything seems to be so easy. But then there will be times when your homeschool is complete CHAOS! This can happen in the blink of an eye and without warning.

It could be because of a sickness, a move, holidays, or an unplanned family emergency. There could also be natural disasters like the hurricanes we had last year. These can really throw a wrench in those well planned lessons.

There are also ways that we can help prevent some of the havoc with routines. We have our daily routines that you can read about here and here which help keep us on track. These keep our house tidy and help us to stay somewhat organized.

I’ve also learned to adapt my expectations to reality. This year I plan to have a 4 day school week which leaves us a catch-up day for when those doctor visits and tummy aches keep us from accomplishing what we have set out to do.

I’ve also learned that sometimes breaking projects down into smaller tasks can really help. Many times my special needs kids get overwhelmed when they see a huge project. If we break it down then it makes it much easier to accomplish.

We also try to make sure that we put away our things from each project before starting on a new project. This is where the kids’ cubbies come in handy. They know where to put their work so it will be safe and not be mistaken for scrap paper to become part of someone else’s latest art masterpiece.

I’ve also been experimenting with loop schedules for our school work and I’ll try to get a post done so I can explain how this works for us. My system is pretty simple for me but may be overly complicated for others so I’ll work on getting it simplified so I can explain it.

I use my Cozi calendar, which you can get for free, to keep up with appointments, vacations, holidays, square dances, and other events that we have planned. Then I mark those dates on our Homeschool Manager app so I can schedule around them which keeps the chaos to a minimum and keeps me from packing our schedule too full. Unfortunately you can’t preschedule for natural disasters or sickness but my calendar keeps me on top of the things I can control so that these uncontrollable events are easier to recover from.

You just need to find a routine/schedule that works for you and your family. Our routines help us stay on track through the unexpected events that are bound to happen. They have also been a major game changer with our special needs kids.

Take a look at some of these posts for ideas on creating your daily routines:

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