Homeschool Organization. Simple. Flexible.

This post is sponsored and includes affiliate links, yet the opinions are my true opinions, as always.  We really do love using this program in our home and I feel that you will too!

‘Scheduling and planning that’s flexible and organized.’

Has the idea of keeping track of lesson plans and schedules got you feeling overwhelmed? The thought of keeping records for report cards, transcripts, and attendance can be enough to make anyone second guess their idea to homeschool.

Just a few years ago I was overwhelmed with the task of record keeping for my large brood. I had one child who needed transcripts and several others in multiple grades with different needs. I was suffering from an informational overload trying to sort it all out and make everything work together without losing my sanity.

Then on October 8th of 2015, with the help of my friend Google, I found the perfect app for our family. It was Homeschool Manager. It sounded so easy and I decided to give it a try.

They had me at the Free 30 day – No Card Required – Trial period which was more than enough time for me to know that this was just what we needed. This one tool IMMEDIATELY brought order to the homeschool chaos we had. (Our Cozi app keeps the rest of our life running smoothly.)

Homeschool Manager completely changed my life and has allowed our homeschool to be the productive and fun learning environment I had envisioned!

Homeschool Manager also gives us the flexibility to adapt and reorder our school year as needed when life throws us an unexpected curve ball or two. We can also easily rearrange our schedule to fit in time for new learning experiences that pop up. We have been able to be more spontaneous and have had the ability to incorporate so many more spur of the moment activities into our homeschool which has allowed our children to have a much more fulfilling and enriching learning experience.

Portfolios are so EASY with Homeschool Manager!

Printable schedules!

Before finding Homeschool Manager I had spent many hours writing out lesson plans, jotting down notes and ideas in my planner only to find that life would get in the way. I’ve had so many paper planners that have been tossed because we just got so far behind or off track that I couldn’t possibly fix them.

Homeschool Manager puts an end to all of that and you can change your plans quickly and easily. Not only can you keep up with lesson plans you can also keep track of grades, attendance, book lists, volunteer hours, and so much more. This is great for portfolios as so many states have so many different requirements for homeschool record keeping that this app makes it so easy.

As some of you know I don’t usually stick to just one curriculum throughout the year. I like to pull lessons and activities from everywhere. This can make it very difficult to keep up with what we are doing. The ‘Notes’ section in Homeschool Manager is the perfect solution. I can put the web address for videos or tutorials in there so that we can easily reference what I had planned to do. If I have a game or activity here at home I can put that in the notes as well.

My oldest daughter, Olivia, liked to have her schedules printed out so that she could ‘work ahead’ on some subjects and she could take it wherever she went. When she completed a week’s worth of work I could grade it. She could then go in and check off the completed tasks and enter in grades.

She also helped me to check off and grade tasks for the younger kiddos. Grading is such a simple thing with Homeschool Manager! These features help to make it easy to let your children work more independently.

At the end of the week, month, quarter, or year we can easily see what we have completed and what we may need to complete. Because I enter the grades in as we go along, I can quickly review who needs help in what areas.With this many kids it does get muddled from time to time. At the end of the year I can quickly print out report cards and other reports to put in the fronts of their portfolios. (You could also put the printed weekly schedules in their portfolios if you wanted a more detailed overview.) I love how neat and organized they look and you can see everything at a glance as soon as you open it up.

Then there will come the time when you need to think about transcripts. I can tell you from my own experience that this can be a very overwhelming process. With Homeschool Manager I was able to keep up with all the credits earned, subjects completed, and other information I needed for my daughter’s transcript. We even sat down and reviewed what the local colleges required so that we could make sure she had everything she needed. When she graduated I simply printed out the transcript, signed it, and handed it to her for her records while also keeping a copy for myself.

Easily assign tasks to one child or many with one step!

Easy Set Up!

It is so EASY! I love the fact that I can enter in lesson plans for one child or for all 6 at one time. The program walks you through the steps as you set up each child’s school year and schedule.

The ‘drop and drag’ feature makes is so SIMPLE to move or copy a lesson when you need to change plans. NO MORE erasing and rewriting those schedules in your planner! You can view the whole week at one time and easily move from week to week in the app.


You simply ‘grab’ the task you want to copy or move and then drag it to where you would like it to be. Then the ‘move here’ and ‘copy here’ options appear. Simply choose one and done. I love to use this feature to copy items to the next week for easier planning. What once took me hours to write out is now done in a matter of minutes with Homeschool Manager.

The Dashboard keeps you on track and let’s you know when items need to be completed and/or graded. This can be a useful tool to keep track of how your kiddos are doing and what they may need help with.


Under ‘Overdue Tasks’ is a small section where helpful hints are displayed. The Homeschool Manager team is always sharing information and tips about new features to make your experience even better.


I also love the ‘Students’ Screen where I can see all of the tasks that I have planned for each student.


Currently we don’t have anything showing as our school year hasn’t started.

Then there is the weekly schedule view.


The schedules still need a little tweaking but it will be so easy to make adjustments. I don’t know if you can see it but the tasks with the little bubbles (I have circled the ‘bubbles’ and ‘people’ symbols.) are the ones that have notes like this:


The ones that have the people symbol are tasks that are assigned to other students as well. The one above happens to be a writing assignment for both of the girls but I can check all of the names to assign tasks to all of the kiddos like this one:


I don’t have anything assigned to Olivia as she graduated this year 🙂

This makes it so easy for me to keep up with all of the different resources that I like to use like Skill Trek and Kids Cook Real Food. I can easily see what areas need other activities planned as well and plug in activities/assignments as needed.

When the tasks are completed we simply check them off and move on to the next. We can see what needs finished which helps a lot if we get off track.

Not just for keeping your homeschool organized!


Homeschool Manager is not just for keeping your homeschool organized! You can also use this app to build routines into your homeschool and daily life. Use the app to keep track of tasks/chores that you have assigned to your kids as well as habits you are building for yourself.

I was thrilled to see that the FlyLady has also mentioned this app on her website! If you want to learn more about using the app to set up routines click here. Be ready to change your life!

Unlimited number of students and/or subjects for one great price!

So Affordable!

I know I have mentioned a lot of the benefits of Homeschool Manager and you probably think that this must cost a fortune. It costs less than $5.00 a month or less than $40.00 a year! You can easily spend that much on a paper planner that won’t keep you as organized as this does.

I also love that this fee is for an unlimited number of students and an unlimited amount of subjects unlike so many other programs which charge per person. They do offer a Free 30 day – No Card Required – Trial so that you can test it out and see if it is a good fit for your family.

No matter what your homeschooling style is this program is sure to work for you. Not sure if this will work with your homeschooling style? Check out this article here.

If you have any questions they have a great support team and they are also on Facebook.

Have you tried Homeschool Manager? If so let me know how you liked it in the comments. If not please give it a try now!

Free 30 day – No Card Required – Trial

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