Homemade Poopourri Spray

Recently I was asked to purchase some ‘Poo Spray‘. We have one small bathroom to share among all of us and the idea was a good one however when I researched the prices on Amazon they were rather expensive. So rather than flushing all that money away, I decided to make my own. I can say that it has been tested out here and has amazed everyone by how well it works. (I had to chuckle to myself when I heard Mr. Awesome’s friend come out of the bathroom and tell him how well it worked.)

So here is the recipe that I used:

Homemade Poopourri Spray

Homemade Poopourri Spray


  • 20-40 drops of your favorite essential oil or a blend of oils (my favorite for this spray are the Purity Blend or the Citrus Burst Blend) **you can use more or less depending on your own preference (Use code: KIRBYSKORNERFREE at Simply Earth)
  • 1-2 t. alcohol
  • 8 – 12 oz of water** (just enough to fill your spray bottle– I use one like this but ones like these may work better but you would divide this recipe between them)


Add the oil, alcohol, and water to your bottle and shake to mix. You may need to shake this a little before each use also.

Keep the bottle somewhere close to the toilet but out of reach of little hands.

Spray a couple of squirts in the toilet before you go and give it a try.

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