Our First Christmas Decoration For The Little House On The Pond!

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I don’t know about you all but this Christmas has not went as planned here in the little house on the pond. We did manage to get a tree up but it hasn’t been decorated yet… and how many days ’til Christmas? I’m afraid to check.

The kids don’t seem to mind that the tree isn’t decorated as Nanny J let us borrow her fiber optic tree and it is so pretty! They also know that Olivia has wrapped some gifts to place under there as well. Momma hasn’t wrapped a single gift, yet, but I do plan to wrap some later today. 

This morning a few of the kids helped me unbox our very first Christmas decoration here in the little house. They were excited and have been shaking the box since it came in yesterday and I was scared they were going to break the figurine like they broke the bathroom door knob this morning… and just now my favorite lamp… yeah… it’s been one of those days.

You can see the video on YouTube or scroll down to see some pictures of what we found in the box!


This Precious Moments figurine is from the Annual Santa Series and it is item number 131022 ‘Made With Love‘. I absolutely love the details on this little guy. William thinks he looks like him, but Jacob thinks it looks like Santa. Everyone agrees that the glasses do resemble William’s glasses though. This is sure to be a special keeper for us and a special way to remember our very first Christmas here in the little house on the pond!

Well I must confess that I kinda already knew what was in the box as I had spoken to Samantha with Precious Moments a couple of weeks ago. She was kind enough to send us this in exchange for a blog post and video. We love this newest addition to our Christmas decorations and with the wide variety of items they have I’m sure you will find one your family will love too!

As of the posting date on this video this figurine is selling for only $20.49! I just checked and they still have some in stock and ready to ship. To view the whole site or request a catalog please use this link. Use code NEQWA17 for FREE Shipping on US orders too.



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