January 24, 2017

Today was an eventful day in more ways than one. We made it through and the day ended on a good note. 

I had seen a couple of posts about square dancing classes. They had grabbed my attention and upon further research I found that they were rather close to me. 

I had intended on going last week but things happened, life, and it got pushed to the back burner. Well that almost happened again this week but there was a little voice that kept nagging me to go. So I did!

Guess what? I had a blast. I’ve always loved square dancing and flat footing. It’s been a while, 20+ years, since I’ve done it but it started to come back to me. 

I’m not great, probably not even good yet, but I enjoyed myself. I probably looked like a crazy chicken but that’s ok too. I laughed at myself when I kept confusing my left from my right and the hand holding had me completely bumfuzzled the first go round. 

After a round or two it got better. But then our partners got changed! Oh my! The thing is that as long as you relax,listen to the directions, and remember to keep moving forward then you’ll be fine!

All in all it was a lot of fun and I look forward to doing it again soon! We all need to take the time to dance every now and then. Slow down and enjoy the music of life. 

So grab your partner and do-si-do!

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