Getting Organized: Bill Organization Spreadsheet

If getting organized while saving time and money are on your New Year’s Resolution List then these printables are for you.

We all hate paying bills, right? But that is something that has to be done. A few years ago I came up with a spreadsheet to keep me organized and keep me from forgetting what has been paid and what needed to be paid. I definitely don’t need late fees piling up or missed payments affecting my credit.

Since making up this spreadsheet it has saved me loads of time every month as I can just pull out one sheet and check the items off the list as I pay them. I can also review it really quickly to see what bills are coming up. In the past I have even stapled a copy of the statements to the spreadsheet to help me remember account #s, but with this newly revised edition I have added a ‘Notes’ section where I can write down account numbers, if needed.

This has also saved me lots of money by helping me to avoid late fees and penalties. Sometimes I even get a credit bonus for paying my bills on time. On time payments will also help to improve your credit score!

The first sheet is for my monthly bills like utilities and rent.  (I apologize that I didn’t think to scan in the images so you could preview them.)  I have a set of examples as to how I fill mine out and then a blank set that you can personalize to fit your situation.

Here is the example:


Here is the blank form:


This year I also added a new page to my spreadsheet to keep up with my subscriptions. Some of them are monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly so I just shade in the months where no payment will be made. I leave the month that the payment is due unshaded so I know automatically when it needs to be paid.

Here is the example:


Here is the blank form:


Here are the Excel Files to make them fully customizable.



I really hope these can help someone and please feel free to share this post with others who may find it useful!

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