Upside down cake

I like the idea of using the raisins instead of cherries…. this would probably work with my Pineapple Upside-Down Cake recipe as well.

Cooking Filipino in the UK


This is supposedly pineapple upside down cake but as you can see there are more raisins in it than pineapple (because I love crusted raisins, that’s why!).  And yes, I use raisins instead of maraschino cherries for two reasons: 1) cherries are expensive, 2) it’s only me who’d be eating the cake if it’s cherries that are in it.  Speaking of costs, back home home when I was a kid, I’d often wish my mom would used tinned pineapples when she made upside down cake (I thought that was posh)–but it was cheaper for her to buy fresh pineapples and boil them in syrup!

As you can see from the pictures below, this is an easy recipe–no need to caramelise the sugar (‘learned this from my mother).  Just sprinkle the demerara sugar on a greased tray, arrange your raisins and pineapples (I could not be bothered with presentation as this…

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