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Early Morning Visitor

This morning started out kinda gloomy and a bit chilly. I was headed out the door to the wash shed when something strange caught my eye.

There were the ducks and the squirrels down by the pond but there was something else too.

He? saw me and I stopped and watched as he tried to hide. He calmly walked to the trees and nestled in between them.

I laughed a bit as he was trying to be as inconspicuous as possible in hopes I couldn’t see him. Reminded me of my kids sometimes… lol. I felt a bit bad as he didn’t realize he had nothing to fear from me.

I stepped in to grab my phone and he stayed right there. So calm and peaceful. Then he went back to his business of catching some breakfast and I went my way as well.

My surprise visitor changed my whole morning and it was like someone had sent me a little message just for me.