Life Update: A Jacuzzi, A Boy’s Night out, And Why We Don’t ‘Do’ Halloween

How’s the weather where you are? It’s been a bit nippy this weekend and I actually plugged up one of the heaters yesterday morning because it was so chilly in the house. It’s looking like I’m gonna need to dig the heavy blankets out of the shed soon. Luckily today has been quite a bit warmer and seems like it’s gonna be a nice day… which is a blessing as I really don’t like hanging clothes out when it’s cold! We’ve had a pretty busy and interesting weekend! So busy that I’m feeling a little like this right now:


New House Update

We’ve also been dealing with yet ANOTHER SNAG as far as our NEW HOUSE goes… we’ve already closed but now the bank (and the county) are asking for a NEW SURVEY! We did ask about this beforehand and we were assured that it wasn’t needed. Now we get the ‘this has never been required before‘ and ‘we’ve never had this happen before‘ from the dealer… sigh. Honestly, I’m really quite sick of the whole mess and I’m gonna give real-life updates about the situation from here on out and not hide the messy part of it because I know if we are dealing with all of this there will be others as well. Maybe reading about our ordeal will help prevent someone else from having the same issue. Continue reading “Life Update: A Jacuzzi, A Boy’s Night out, And Why We Don’t ‘Do’ Halloween”

May 2017 Club Updates: Clay Allemanders

Club updates from the Clay Allemanders in Middleburg. Shane is the caller and Ken is the co-caller.

Greetings from Clay Allemanders!

We have some exciting new news.  Clay Allemanders will be moving to a new Home Dance Hall

Our first Dance in the New Hall will be next Monday, May 22.

The Location: Middleburg United Methodist Church Family Center Building,
                               Address: 3925 Main Street Middleburg.

Directions are very easyCome down Blanding Blvd. until you see the Wells Fargo Bank on the left side of Blanding. Make a left turn on Palmetto Road, just before passing the Bank.  There is a traffic light there.  Go on down Palmetto until you t-bone to the intersection of Main Street.  Make a right turn.  Look on your left, you will spot the Middleburg United Methodist Church.  The first building to the complex is the Family Life Center.  That’s our new Hall!  It is the largest building, set back off the Street with parking directly in front.  Park there, and come on in the main door.

Many of you may remember this Hall from the recent past. NEFSARDA, along with Clay Allemanders and several other Clubs sponsored a very successful Fifth Saturday Dance there.  We love our new Hall… as it has a very large dance floor, great acoustics, nice stage, full size kitchen, easy parking in a wonderful old historic neighborhood (the original downtown Middleburg)

We are excited to grow our Club as we now are moving ahead with our new callers, Shane Perez, and co-caller, Shane’s Dad, Ken Perez…..And now….our new greatly improved Home Dance Hall!

There will be more Fun Events being scheduled for the summer in our new Hall, but…. we will be DARK, May 29th, Memorial Day.  Stay-Tune for more “invite” announcements on fun dances coming up in June and July!

Please know you are all invited to come visit and dance with us this next Monday, May 22  as we celebrate our First Dance in the Middleburg United Methodist Church Hall. Our Classes are in progress and run from 7PM to 8PM.  Our Club Dance commences at 8 PM and goes through to 9:30 PM.

— Bill Dion