Susie’s Sweet Tea

Oh my golly! I can’t believe I hadn’t posted this before. I guess I just thought everyone knew how to make sweet tea but I have been asked for the recipe several times in the past couple of weeks.

This can vary a great deal on taste so adjust the sugar accordingly. I am just posting the measurements we use here. We also make 2 gallons at a time as it seems to evaporate rather quickly, just kidding, it doesn’t evaporate but it does disappear really quickly. Continue reading “Susie’s Sweet Tea”


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This is a new page for me to put some of our favorite beverage recipes on. I hope you all find something to try and enjoy!

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Living the country life?

Original Blog Post-April 6, 2016

What does living the country life really mean?

I know I think of farms with cows and chickens.
I think of lazy mornings sitting on the back porch sipping my hot coffee while wondering
what to do to pass the endless amount of free time I have.
I think of working in a garden with lots of beautiful plants springing forth.
I think of my kids playing barefoot in the yard.
Then after a nice dinner, made from things we have grown on our farm, we sip some sweet tea and watch the sunset go down from our back porch swing.

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