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Silver Fox Squares: December 2017 Update

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Square Dancing: November 16, 2017

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We had a great time tonight with the Citrus Squares in Dunnellon, FL. A big Thank You to Ellis & Leila Lindsey for having us there.


S’mores Dip

This was another recipe that I made for the Chili Dog Dangle Dance that we had on June 9th for the Silver Fox Squares. I did not find the graham cracker sticks mentioned in the original, I did, however, find some Scooby-Doo snacks which looked like doggie treats, so I decided to just use regular graham crackers and they worked out fine.

I found this recipe on my Facebook feed. Click here for the original link. Continue reading “S’mores Dip”

Watermelon Cupcakes

I made these for the Chili Dog Dangle Dance that we had on June 9th for the Silver Fox Squares. They were so good and fairly easy to make. Not too mention that they are pretty cute if you don’t tip them over on the way.

For future reference, I will try to frost the cupcakes when they arrive at the location instead of frosting them and transporting them. I did find this idea on Pinterest and you can click here for the original recipe.

The kids can help with this one and make it a bit more fun. Continue reading “Watermelon Cupcakes”

Chili Dog Dangle Dance

We had such a wonderful time! The hot dog cookies, watermelon cupcakes, and S’mores dip were a great hit and I’ll be sure to post these recipes and ideas soon! (Or you can check out my Pinterest page and see the Parties: Chili Dog Dance for some of the inspiration for these treats.)

Silver Fox Squares Square Dance Club

We had such a great time on Friday, June 9th, at our Chili Dog Dangle Dance. We had several visitors from other clubs and everyone had great big smiles on their faces. It was great to see everyone having so much fun!

Some of us went to Powell’s Dairy Freeze after the dance for ice cream and more laughs!

We want to thank everyone who attended for making this dance such a success. We really enjoyed having you join us for food, fun, and fellowship! We also want to thank our club members who provided the wonderful refreshments. Everything was delicious!

Several people ordered dangles which should be here soon. I will post a picture of the Dangles when they arrive.

Below are some pictures from the dance. You can also check us out on Facebook to see some video clips. Be sure to come visit us at our next…

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Silver Fox Squares: June 2017 Update

Read all about our square dancing adventures from last month and take a peek into some of what we have planned for the upcoming months. Be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and to follow our website for updates.

Silver Fox Squares Square Dance Club

Wow! What a busy month for us! The Silver Fox Squares would like to thank everyone who attended our most recent dance, the Sombrero/Crazy Hat Dangle Dance. Our callers were Ken ‘Silver Fox’ Perez and Shane ‘Little Bear’ Perez. We were thrilled to see so many people come with so many different hats.
Many of the dancers also ordered dangles which have arrived and can be picked up on a club night. We dance every Friday night at the Bradford County Senior Center in Starke.
If you didn’t get to make it for this past dance please be sure to mark your calendars for June 9th for our upcoming Chili Dog Dangle Dance and July 21st for our Red, White, & Blue Dance.
We have also enjoyed dancing with many different visitors from other clubs throughout the month. On May 25th several dancers from the Silver Fox Squares went…

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March 29, 2017

Hey there everyone! I hope you all are doing well. We are doing pretty good here. The weather has been extremely nice, not too hot and not too cold, and we have been able to enjoy the outdoors a bit.

Life has been busy, as usual, and a bit crazy at times. I can’t believe how fast time flies. It seems like only a week or two ago that I decided to go to my first square dance class but it has been a little over 8 weeks ago! I have learned so much and so much has changed. That one decision has literally been a life changing event for my family and me.

This week especially has been and will be very busy. We’ve already been to two dances and we have two more to go to not to mention that we have our special April Fool’s Dangle Dance on Saturday. Square dancing is so much more than just dancing around and listening to the caller yell ‘Do-si-do’ and ‘Swing your partner’. It is a lifestyle! It encompasses so many different aspects of life that I can’t even begin to touch them all right now.

I am just learning the basics of everything but a lot of square dancing goes back to the basic courtesies and manners of old. It is such a pleasure to see, well at least for me it is, the men taking charge and the ladies following their lead. I know, I know, a lot of people wouldn’t agree that that is the way things should be but we are all entitled to our own feelings and beliefs.

Square dancing is also good for you in so many ways! It is a great form of exercise for all ages and it can also help with memory issues and mental clarity. I have always tried to do my exercising but sometimes I’d get bored by doing the same thing again and again. Other times certain things would bother my joints or hurt my back. I don’t have these issues when I am square dancing.

We are always doing something different too and just when you think you know what the caller is doing he’ll switch it up on you! It really helps to keep your mind sharp and makes you focus on what he is saying so that you can be sure to catch the call. Then the fact that some of the calls aren’t used as often as others makes you pull from those memory banks to remember the rules so you can execute the call properly. I like to be challenged from time to time and I definitely get that while dancing.

Then there is the social part of it. I am usually a very shy person and that make it hard for me to meet and make new friends. I have met so many new people since I’ve started dancing and it has been so much fun.  There are a variety of different people and it keeps thing interesting. I always have a good time and my face is usually sore after a night of dancing because I laugh so much! Everyone seems to have a good time everywhere we go. Then more often than not people hang around after the dance to talk and sometimes we all go out to eat afterwards. Talk about fun!

I have seen some people really come alive after a visit or two with the groups. Some of the people are lonely after a divorce or the passing of a loved one and they just want to be around other people. Maybe the kids have all moved out and they just feel kind of lost. The dancers are all so welcoming and friendly that it is almost impossible for anyone not to feel genuinely ‘at home’.

Can I also say, without revealing too much, that not all dancers are part of a couple. Sometimes you will find a single dancer at a dance and who knows what could the future could hold if you are single yourself?

Square dancing is also good clean fun, plain and simple. Sometimes that is hard to find anymore. Not only that many clubs are a big part of the community and do their part to help out wherever needed with benefit dances and such. I have heard many stories of square dancers coming together to help fellow dancers after house fires or other unexpected circumstances. It makes my heart smile to hear these stories time and time again.

Unfortunately square dancing seems to be a dying tradition. I am hoping that we can bring it back to life though.I can see the possibilities it could hold for many families who long to find family friendly activities that everyone can enjoy and be a part of. I know that I do plan to introduce my kids to it in the near future and get them involved in it as well.

I encourage each of you to check it out. Maybe you know someone, a friend, a neighbor, or maybe a parent, who could benefit from a little extra movement, who needs some new friends, or maybe someone who just desires to feel like they are a part of something.  Square dancing is for all ages so don’t ever feel like you are too old or too young to try. I know that it won’t be something for everyone but at least you could give a try and see what happens.

Well, today is our only free day this week so I have a few errands to run while the kids are down for naps. I still have a few things to finish up for our upcoming dance and a couple of things to get ready as far as my outfits go for the next couple of days. I will be taking my older daughter along while running errands for a little mother/daughter time too. (We are going to try and check out the new ‘Five Below’ store in town.)

This afternoon will also be ‘fun day’ with the kids. We will probably do some arts and crafts and I have already gotten the stuff for some root beer floats this evening. The kids are excited about the upcoming dance as they have seen some of the decorations and I have promised to give them some of them after the dance. Not to mention they want to have their own little ‘party’ with whatever Momma has left over.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and weekend! Be sure to check out the Silver Fox Squares on FB and our new page on WordPress. We are also on Twitter @SilverFoxSquare. All of the pages are still in the baby stages but we would appreciate a like and/or follow.

Thank you and God Bless!