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Free Printable Shopping Guide

I know, I know …. some of us just don’t want to think about Christmas shopping yet, even though I have already bought a couple of gifts. However I am getting a lot of requests about what my kiddos want or what sizes they are wearing so I think its time to make up my list so I can send it to those people who have asked for information.

Usually I just write it out on a piece of notebook paper but I thought others might benefit from this idea too so instead of just telling you about it I am including a FREE Printable Shopping Guide for you to use as well.

shopping guide

This can be used to write down information for your family or for information about others that you may need to shop for. You can even file this away for future reference for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Just snap a photo of the completed form and you’ll always have it handy when shopping or if someone calls to ask you for sizes when you are knee deep in the mud trying to rescue a ball from being eaten by Mr. Snappy the friendly turtle… another story for another day.

I will be making mine up just as soon as I hit that blue Publish button. I’ll write or type in each child’s name, sizes (clothing and shoes), their favorite/preferred colors, and anything they might be interested in which for us will be lots of dinosaurs and little house on the prairie… lol. The notes will be used for other information that I might need to give like their ages or ‘assigned’ color. Yeah…. we color code some things around here like cups, baskets, and school items to help keep track of things with so many kiddos.

Anyway here is the link again to the download:


Enjoy and happy shopping!