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5 Tips For The Best School Year Ever (from a Momma of 9)

**This post does contain some affiliate links which could possibly earn me a small commission if a purchase was made through them. These links help to support our blog and our family.

Every year that passes is another one that gives us more experience in life. I know that the past few years have really changed the way I look at things especially our homeschool. This year is going to be our best homeschool year ever because of the routines we have in place.

You can read all about these tips and routines in the posts below:

With these tips you’ll be able to help your family have the best school year ever. You’ll be more organized, less stressed, and ready for just about anything life may throw your way!

What tips can you pass on to help new homeschoolers or parents with new students?

Check out these other posts for more tips and ideas plus some free printables:

Also if you haven’t thought about Life Skills for your homeschool then check out the Kids Cook Real Food site.

Here is a review from one mom:

From a “seasoned mom”: “I always encouraged my son to come in and cook or bake with me…he loved running the hand mixer and did great with it. As a homeschooling mom I started teaching him to cook, create menus and budget the food money. At 25 he manages the household food budget helps to plan the meals, helps to shop and put away food and is the primary cook in the family. He loves trying new recipes or adapting and changing up old favorites. “ That’s what we want for our kids, right? If you’re a little unsure of your own kitchen skills – or how to get them down to a kids’ level – this incredible course can help.

The classes are easy and already set out for you so there is virtually no planning at all. Check out the curriculum map here: KCRF Curriculum Map

Happy Homeschooling!

Little House On The Prairie Academic Adventures Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide




Have You Bought Your School Supplies Yet?

**This post does contain some affiliate links which could possibly earn me a small commission if a purchase was made through them. These links help to support our blog and our family.

We’ve bought the majority of our school supplies for the upcoming year. I know from experience that this is something best done sooner rather than waiting to the last minute.

Not sure what to buy? Check out my post here with our Free Printable Back to school list. I’ll try to start planning for our next year’s school choices about midyear. This gives me plenty of time to research and make lists for supplies that we’ll need.

Not homeschooling? Check with your child’s school and/or teacher for supply list. Many times the local Walmart will have a handy checklist available when you walk in. Continue reading Have You Bought Your School Supplies Yet?

10 Back To School Shopping Links For 2018

Here are a few links that I’ve found that are related to Back To School shopping for this year. Whether our kids go to school or live at school we all need to stock up on supplies from time time. So I’m gonna keep this short and sweet so you can get to work on getting ready for school.

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Happy Shopping!