Saving For Our Children’s Future

OK, so I’ve been paying off bills and saving up money for emergency funds. I’ve also been looking into investing some money for retirement but what about my kids’ future?

Well, my oldest three went into the military and therefore have some benefits to help them get their education. My fourth child is super smart and I have no doubt that she will be able to get some scholarships and I will try to help her out as much as I can.

My next three children have some scholarship money available from their adoptions. My special needs son also has some scholarship money that we have been able to use to provide for his current education. The money not used could possibly be used for his education later on.

My youngest two will probably need some type of account set up for them. Who knows where their paths will lead. I know right now they have plans to follow their big brother’s foot steps in the military but that may change in the future. There are a couple of different educational savings plans recommended by Dave Ramsey that I have been looking into for saving.

I do want them to have the best future possible and I plan to do the best I can.

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Snakes, Scholarships, Samples and a Sneak Peek — Repost

This post was posted a week or so ago but had somehow lost all of its content. I’ll give it another try and see what happens.

As many of you know we live on a pond. Not near a pond but on… like most of the house sits on stilts in the pond! This can be quite fascinating to some, especially the idea that our neighbors can swim, kayak, canoe, or jet ski over to visit. The down side to this is that snakes can also come visit quite easily.

Monday I had a slithery visitor, Mr. Black Snake, who has kept out of sight since our last run in. That’s a good thing although I’ve been very cautious when I walk out the laundry shed.

Another visitor I really don’t like are unsolicited salespeople. Whether it’s a telemarketer who calls at dinner time, an email spammer, or worse a door to door salesperson. Okay, I know they aren’t all bad but I’m not crazy about unsolicited sales tactics. Continue reading “Snakes, Scholarships, Samples and a Sneak Peek — Repost”

Homeschool Resources

This is a list of some of the educational sites and resources that we currently use. I will update this list on a regular basis. Continue reading “Homeschool Resources”