Slow Cooker Kraut & Sausage

My mom-mom always made the best homemade kraut. I can remember helping her and tasting it straight out of the crock. These are fond memories for me. I’d love to learn to make it the way she did one day.

I love kraut and sausage but my kids haven’t developed the taste for it yet, I have faith that they will though, eventually. We eat this only once or twice a year for now but if they do decide that they like it we will probably have it more often. Continue reading “Slow Cooker Kraut & Sausage”

Biscuits ‘N Gravy

I think this is one of my favorite meals. I remember learning how to make this on a wood cookstove!

You can make it by itself with sausage or bacon to give it extra flavor. It is delicious over biscuits, toast, Salisbury steak, scrambled eggs and just about anything else your little heart could imagine.

Use your favorite biscuit recipe or buy some of the ‘whack ’em on the counter’ biscuits. I have used the Emergency Rolls, 7 Up Biscuits, toast, and even the 30 minute Rolls for this meal. Continue reading “Biscuits ‘N Gravy”

Mexican Egg Bake

Another super quick and easy meal idea. Continue reading “Mexican Egg Bake”