Loop Scheduling Made Simple With An Easy DIY Post It Note Loop Schedule

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Instructions for the Easy DIY Post It Note Loop Schedule at the end of the post.

Many of us have started back to school and some of us started and then quit…errr… well, maybe I’m the only one that did that but I am happy to say that we are well on our way to getting back on track. The big project I have been working on is finished (YAYYYYY!!!!) and I am hoping it will be ready to post this weekend so keep an eye out for it.

In preparation of our new school year I pulled out our old Loop Schedule so I could change it out for this year. What a better time to show you how I do it?

Last year one of the sanity savers I used was this Loop Schedule. You may have heard of Loop Scheduling and I thought it was something new but actually it was something I had already been doing and you probably have too!

I always start the year out with all kinds of fun activities, games, and ideas for us to work on. Before our Loop Schedule I was always trying to make sure we got the ‘meaty’ subjects like Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science finished before we moved on to anything else. If we didn’t get those areas completed we would just not do the other areas.

(These links will update soon and take you to our first Kirby’s Kids Academic Adventure!)

I always felt like we weren’t getting everything done that I wanted to get done. Our days got so BORING! We would be doing the same things over and over and never had time for the fun activities that I had planned for us to do. There’s only so much time in the day so what is an overwhelmed Momma to do? Continue reading “Loop Scheduling Made Simple With An Easy DIY Post It Note Loop Schedule”

I didn’t clean my house last week!

Can I tell you a secret? I didn’t clean my house last week or even this week yet. We didn’t have school last week and probably won’t this week either. Sometimes we all just need a break, a time to do nothing, a time to just enjoy life. 

Ok, so maybe I did clean a little bit. We kept up with our basic routines and I did declutter the playroom but no other ‘real’ cleaning took place. We took down our Christmas decor and carried it out to the building for next year too. 

By the ‘basics’ I mean that the dishes and laundry were washed and put away everyday. The bathrooms were wiped down with a cleaning wipe every morning. The table and counters were wiped down after each meal and the floors were swept. We also made our beds and the kids picked up theirs toys. 

We didn’t vacuum the carpets other than the playroom. We didn’t mop and so far no one has stuck to the floor. We also didn’t dust or polish and yes, you probably can write your name on the mantel. 

We didn’t have any ‘formal’ lessons or structured learning. However the kids did take it upon themselves to work in their workbooks. They also did some ABC mouse on the tablets and computers. 

You know what happened? We survived and the house doesn’t look like a complete disaster. 

The kids also learned a lot about sharing and working independently. They got to be kids and that’s important too. 

Our routines kept us together and kept our house running smoothly. So when someone is sick, out of town, or just plain tired the house can keep going as normal. 

What routines do you have? Make them as simple as you can so they can keep your house running when you need a break.