7 Easy Steps To Simplify Your Life Today

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I had originally written this series of posts in honor of National Simplify Your Life Week, which falls during the first week of August, I decided to make a shortlist of 7 easy steps that almost anyone can use to simplify their life starting today. With the New Year fast approaching I thought it might be helpful to post this again for anyone looking to simplify their life and have more FREE time. Continue reading “7 Easy Steps To Simplify Your Life Today”

Simplify Your Life: Step 1 Take Care Of Yourself

**This post may contain affiliate links which help to support our blog and our family.

This post is part of a multi-section post in honor of National Simplify Your Life week which is the first week of August. The original post wasn’t as short and simple as I had wanted it to be so I decided to break it down into a few shorter posts.

1. Take Care of Yourself

I think one of the most popular New Year’s goals is to take better care of ourselves whether it is by exercising more or eating healthier. This is a great goal and a good way to help us simplify our lives.

Our bodies need healthy foods and movement to thrive. So eat well and find ways to make exercise a regular part of your life. A healthy body most often means a healthy mind as well.

We can do this one by:

  • Taking the time to eat slowly
  • Choosing healthier options
  • Getting regular exercise
  • Keeping healthy snacks around

We also need to take some time for ourselves to relax and unwind. Spending time with friends and family can help our emotional and social well being too.

As a busy Momma I know how hard this can be sometimes. You can check out this book, for a 21 day challenge to help you simplify your life and take better care of yourself.

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