Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Weekly Lesson Plan Links & Guide

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How we use these lesson plans:

Our school week is usually completed in 4 days. We use a Loop Schedule where we work for a designated amount of time on each subject before moving on to the next. After their work is completed for the day the kids are allowed to have independent studies were they can study whatever their little hearts desired.

Our 5th day is an optional day that we use to complete unfinished work or for other activities as we choose.

Please click HERE for a list of resources that we have purchased from Amazon and other suppliers.

Click on the links below for the series you would like to view/use. I will update these links as we get them finished.

Tip: If you want to go to a certain week/chapter or topic simply push the ‘ctrl’ and the ‘F’ button down together and a small bar will pop up. Type in the week number or chapter number you want and it will take you to it.

1. Little House In The Big Woods Adventure Week 1 Lesson Plans

  • Language Arts:
    • Read Chapters 1 & 2
    • Discussion
    • McGuffey Primer Lesson
    • Vocabulary
    • Writing Activities
    • These week we learn about fiction vs. nonfiction
    • Make a Pioneer Journal
    •  Mother Goose Phonics: Pat A Cake
  • Math:
  • Geography and History:
    • State Study: Wisconsin
    • Research Pioneer Life
  • Science:
    • Learn about Bears
    • Learn about Panthers
    • Research Microbes and Bacteria
    • Learn about Density
    • Bonus: Why does fire burn different colors?
  • Life Skills:
    • Research Pioneer Chores
    • Making our bed
    • Interrupting
    • Memory Work
    • Fun activities: Make Butter
    • Bonus Skills: Memorizing the books of the Bible, Archery, and/or Baking
  • PE, Health & Safety:
    • Stranger Danger
    • Play Little Brown Bear
  • Music, Arts, and Crafts:
    • Crafts: Hog’s Bladder Balloons, Corn Cob/Husk Dolls, Snowflakes, and Paper Dolls
    • Art: Bulldogs, Jack Frost
    • Music: Yankee Doodle Dandy, Butter Churning Song

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Activities/Products by Grade/Age

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I will try to give some reviews of the products and activities that we use in our daily school routines on this page. Please click on the Grade/Age that you would like to see. These pages will be continually updated so I thank you for being patient with me!

Homeschool Resources:

ABC Home Preschool – First Month Free – Click here!

A Fun Zone Academics in a Box Inc

Awesome Pack 

Box Of Challenge

Buildr Toys 

Crazy 8

Curiosity Pack

Discovery Toys ** I love this site!

Educents ** I use this one a lot!

Fun and Function LLC

Genius Games, LLC


HOOT for Kids

InnovaToys & Gifts

Kids Cook Real Food

Kiwi Co

Little Passports

My Amazing Pen Pal

My Pretend Place, LLC

Perpetual Kid 


SpaceMail Pal

Steve Spangler Science

TV’s Toy Box 




1st Grade (I don’t currently have anyone in 1st but I will add activities as I can.)

2nd Grade

3rd Grade

Art Appreciation/Enrichment Studies:

Fine Art Pages (I bought these in 2015 as part of a bundle sale and absolutely love them!)

**They frequently have freebies on this site as well. I have also gotten these:

Women Artists of the Renaissance: Fine Art Pages

Peter Paul Rubens Fine Art Pages

Life Skills:

Kids Cook Real Food

FREE Download: 5 Paleo Snacks Your Kids Can Make

Kids Cook Real Food

Teach Your School Age Kids To Use An Instapot

Puberty/Sex Education:

The Talk: 7 Lessons to Introduce Your Child to Biblical Sexuality (ages 6-10)

Having the Talk: Changes — Sex-Ed Training for Parents All About Puberty (ages 8-12)

Relationships: 11 Lessons to Give Kids a Greater Understanding of Biblical Sexuality (ages 11-14)

Sex-Ed Series for Christian Parents (all three courses)

You can also check out our Kirby’s Kids Facebook page to see other things we are using.