Awesome Hash Browns

I had tried my hand at hash browns a long time ago but just wasn’t able to get them to turn out the way I wanted them too. Normally if we ate hash browns it was the frozen patty kind which are good but I wanted something a little different.

Recently I made it a goal to learn how to make the perfect hash browns, well perfect for us, and I think I have finally succeeded! Below is the recipe I have been using the past couple of times to make them for my family. My kids say they are ‘Awesome’ and I have to agree. Continue reading “Awesome Hash Browns”


Loaded Potato Soup

Looking for the perfect potato soup recipe? Look no further as you’ve found it!

I love soup, especially on a cold day, but we haven’t had many cold days here lately. Please don’t take that as a complaint because I’m not complaining in the least bit. I make this soup once or twice a year and everyone always loves it.

This recipe could probably be adapted to a crockpot but I have not attempted that yet. I will update the post if I do though. Mr Awesome often says he doesn’t get enough taters in his soup so I’ve started using a 5 pound bag of yellow potatoes each time I make this. Continue reading “Loaded Potato Soup”