Super Simple Graham Cracker Crust

When you see just how easy this is you may never buy a store-bought crust again! I recently saw a similar crust made with gingersnaps and a touch of cinnamon… I know what I’ll be trying out soon!

You can try this with just about any cookie… gingersnaps, vanilla wafers, chocolate wafers, etc. You can even substitute brown sugar for the sugar. The possibilities are endless!

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Whipped Pie Crust

I will admit I haven’t made this in a while as I just haven’t had the time. There was a time that this was the only pie crust I’d use though. I plan to try my hand at it again soon when I make some Fried Apple Pies.

Pie crusts are always something fun that the kids can help with too. My littles love to get the scraps or ‘extras’ that I cut off the sides. They make their own little pies or designs with them. It’s edible play dough! Continue reading “Whipped Pie Crust”