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Getting Routines Started 101

‘Your first obligation as a parent is to not bring chaos into your kids’ lives.’

OK, I should’ve written this before I started on the other posts about routines. I didn’t realize, until I was writing another post, how complicated and daunting routines can seem. Truth be told we all have some kind of routine already.

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I still believe in fairy tales…

Original Blog Post May 26, 2016
Even though my last relationship ended badly and I was hurt beyond belief, I survived. I know that sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. That’s OK. We are working on being better people and being the best possible parents we can be to our children. We just weren’t good together.
I didn’t want to admit it at first but it soon became painfully clear that we just didn’t click anymore. It was hard to admit that to myself as I felt like a failure. I desperately clung to the dreams we had made and I tried so hard to make him feel the way he felt in the beginning.
That was a big part of the problem. I couldn’t change his feelings and I resented him for not wanting what I wanted. I resented him for a lot of things. Mostly I resented him for being happy without me and without our family. Does this mean that I still resent him? Maybe, sometimes, yes. It still hurts to know that he could just walk away from what I felt that we had. It hurts that he could walk away from our family like he did. It’s not fun and I hate that he left me alone. I felt like that was so totally unfair.
Well, that’s on him. I can only control how I feel and what I do. If he felt that I wasn’t what he wanted then that’s OK. If he felt that his family was too much of a burden and that they were cramping his life style then that’s OK too. I know that there is still a chance that I may find my happily ever after. Maybe I already have. My relationship status doesn’t define who I am or how I should feel. My past doesn’t necessarily define my future.The fact that I have a large family does make matters a little more complicated. I need to be aware of how everything affects my family.
That doesn’t mean that I can’t dream. I still believe in fairy tales. Maybe it won’t be a knight in shining armor that steals my heart away but I know there are still good men out there. They may be really hard to find but I know they are there. There are men who put their families first and who work hard each and every day. They aren’t afraid to get dirty and they will do what it takes to get the job done. They can be tough as nails but still be sensitive when you need a shoulder to cry on.
I believe there will come one who takes my breath away and causes my heart to flutter. One who makes me smile at just the thought of him and I know he will feel the same about me. One who will wash away all the pain from my past and show me how it feels to be treated right.
So for now I will be patient. I will try everyday to be a better person than I was yesterday. I will be stronger and I will learn from my mistakes. I will have faith that my fairy tale will have a happy ending.

A Good Man

What would be considered a good man? I guess we all could have very different answers to that question. Our answers could even vary depending on when and where are in life.
I think a good man is one who lives his life in a way that no one could question his intentions. The way he lives his life is a reflection of who he truly is on the inside.
Recently I met a man who I believe truly is a ‘good man’. Why do I say this? He is probably one of the sweetest most humble men I have ever come across in my time here on earth. He definitely lives in a way that others would see Jesus in him.
This man is kind and takes care of others. He will help without being asked and gives without expecting to be repaid. I have met others who I thought were like this but he has helped me in so many ways that I could never repay him.
He is full of wisdom. He will take the time to listen and then help you with your problems. I can confide in him without worry of him repeating it.
Is he perfect? No, but he admits his faults and will not blame others when he has made a mistake. He is honest and genuine. He stands by his morals and his character couldn’t be questioned. He is a man of integrity for sure.
He encourages me and I’m sure he encourages others around him to be better people. People have noticed a difference in me since I met him. I am a better person because of knowing him and I thank him for that. (Really, I do thank him a lot and he hasn’t a clue why!)
I thank God for letting our paths cross and letting me know this ‘good man’. Knowing him has given me a newfound hope that our world is not as lost as I thought it was. It is a better place just knowing that there are a few good men still out there.
Hopefully everyone one of us can think of a good man around us. One that we are thankful to have in our lives as a role model, a leader, or as a friend. It can be a brother, a father, a husband, a neighbor, or maybe someone at church.
Can we all take a few minutes and say a prayer for these men of God? We need to pray that God will protect them and guide them along their paths. Pray for strength and wisdom for them to get through the many battles they will face. Pray that they will lead their lives so that others will want to come to know Christ. Also pray that God will find favor in them and will bless them abundantly in this life and in heaven. Amen.
Additional thoughts:
A good man makes you happy. Just think about it, when you talk to him or do things with you then you are left feeling happy. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about or what activity you will have a sense of genuine happiness just being in contact with this man.
When life gets hard and confusing and you feel like you are helpless he will remind you that you are not. He will bring a breath of fresh air to reignite the embers in your soul so that your light can shine again.