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Cozi Family Organizer + 2019 Back to School Planner!

You guys have been read about how much I love our online Cozi Calendar. It helps to keep this crazy Momma from losing her everloving mind! (Well, for the most part it does.) I love that I can access it from anywhere and I can add users to it so EVERYONE can access it for doctor’s appointments, outings, and Mr. Awesome’s favorite thing – dinner plans.

It’s so easy to signup and set up that anyone can do it. They have been adding lots of great new features to make it even simpler as well. They have a ton of checklists and such that you can access to help keep your chaotic life organized… if it can help us, it can help anyone! Check out this new Back-to-School Planner!


Now FREE with Cozi – the snazzy 2019 Back-to-School Planner. Cozi is the free and easy-to-use family organizing app that keeps everyone in sync. Get the free app and make this the most organized school year ever! #promo

If you are using your computer then try this link:

Create a free Cozi account and you’ll also get the 2019 Back to School Planner!

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Cozi Back To School 2018 Survey Results are in!

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Recently my favorite online calendar service, Cozi, surveyed all the parents who use the Cozi Family Organizer, to find out what they’re doing to prepare, looking forward to most, and planning to buy this school year. Check out the infograph down below.

  • 47% of parents say getting their family back on routine is their top priority, followed by organizing all the new events and activities (38%)
  • 25% of parents buying something new for back to school this year say it will be a computer
  • The #1 thing they’ll miss is time with family, followed by the relaxed summer schedule

I know I love Cozi and it helps keep this crazy Momma on track. Try the Cozi Family Organizer today. It’s FREE! I know you’ll love it.