The Big Fork and Spoon Makeover

I’ve had these things for a couple of years now and I know I’ve posted about them before but I just now got around to actually getting the project done. I believe these belonged to Mr. Awesome’s granny at some point but I remember seeing similar ones during my childhood so I was happy to have them passed on to me.

I’ve really been struggling with the never ending list of things that need to get done and the projects that have been piling up. Some of them just have to wait until we have time/money to tackle them but I’ve been trying to knock out some smaller ones here and there.

Instead of focusing on the things that can’t be completed because of a lack of funds/supplies I tried to change my mindset to find things I could complete with what we have on hand already. God has blessed us so much and the least I can do is try to be grateful for all the things He has provided us with and be a good example for my kids. They are always looking for reasons not to do things so this was a perfect example of how we could use things we already had to tackle a project that needed completed.

It’s taken me about a month because I’ve only did a little bit here and there. The spoon needed some repairs as a big chunk was missing from the end and the stuff I tried the first time didn’t do the trick. I had to wait to find some wood filler to try again and the first try wasn’t great. I didn’t give up and the second try turned out better.

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