“Take My Hand, Precious Lord”

When I am sad, even when I am happy for that matter, songs often pop into my head. Today as I sat on the edge of the bathtub waiting for the 3-year-old to go potty for the umpteenth time this morning I sighed, one of those ‘I am so tired’ kind of sighs and this song popped into my head and I prayed right then and there.
This song has always touched my heart and maybe its because I feel like this so often.

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A Good Man

What would be considered a good man?

I guess we all could have very different answers to that question. Our answers could even vary depending on when and where are in life.
I think a good man is one who lives his life in a way that no one could question his intentions. The way he lives his life is a reflection of who he truly is on the inside.
Recently I met a man who I believe truly is a ‘good man’.

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