Weekend Wrap Up: June 9, 2018

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So this week has been really good. We’ve made a lot of progress as far as finally getting the house organized and getting our routines simplified. I feel like I can finally breathe. It has never taken me so long to get unpacked and organized after a move before. Just a word of caution to anyone trying to downsize…. it’s probably gonna be a lot harder than what you think!

We have had quite an exciting week that has been packed full of all kinds of planned and unplanned surprises. Keep reading for a brief summary of what we’ve been up to. Continue reading “Weekend Wrap Up: June 9, 2018”

Holidays and Ideas

Every year has four seasons, and each season has its own set of holidays. While homeschooling I try to take advantage of the holidays to research and teach my children about them. We have the flexibility to take time and study these important dates.

Holidays or special days that were set apart for remembrance started way back in Genesis. We use a lot of biblical references and studies in our homeschooling so it is important to me to that my children learn about the true meanings and origins of these days. As a teacher I can also have some control over what they are exposed to as well.

We don’t generally do an in depth study on any particular date. If the kids are more interested in one holiday then we may do a little extra. We can usually turn these into mini units and work them in with our regular school work. I will also leave out seasonal or holiday themed items for the kids to explore independently.

The key in our house is to keep it simple. We don’t have to decorate for every holiday. We don’t have to go overboard with learning about it. Sometimes just a brief discussion or a couple of YouTube videos is all we do. However there are some holidays that hold more importance here at our house. Christmas and Easter are two of those holidays. I have always wanted to try to do an Advent calendar or study so this year I am attempting to begin one.

I will try my best to keep this page updated and post resources that we are using as well. Please feel free to leave suggestions in the comments too.

Gift Giving Ideas

January Holidays

February Holidays

March Holidays

April Holidays

May Holidays

June Holidays

July Holidays

August Holidays

September Holidays

October Holidays

November Holidays

December Holidays


This site, A to Z Kids Stuff, has a list of special days and activities that you can check out for more ideas.

105 Unique Holidays to Celebrate with Kids


Independence Day

Independence Day is the day we celebrate our great nation’s birthday! Click here to learn more about this holiday. It is celebrated on July 4th.

Below are some of the activities I found to celebrate this day:

(Use at your own discretion.)

July 4th/Independence Day Activities for Kids | Education.com

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Education World: Independence Day Lessons and Activities

10 Easy Independence Day Activities for Toddlers – My Little Moppet

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Also check out:

Homeschool: July on Pinterest

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Independence Day for kids on YouTube

July 2 – 8, 2017 Meal Plan

I almost didn’t get this out today. I had been working on it and procrastinating a bit. I planned on finishing this up yesterday but after I mowed during the kids quiet time I really didn’t feel like doing much of anything for the rest of the day. After dinner I went to sit down for a minute and was out until late last night. But here it is, I hope you all enjoy and have a blessed, safe, and happy Independence Day celebration!

This is our basic meal plan for the week. Sometimes we will switch the days around if I forgot to set something out or put something in the crock pot. Please feel free to use this or change it around to suit your family’s needs.

I have started trying to do easier meals on days that I have square dancing obligations. This helps me to be able to put a nice meal on the table without feeling guilty about having some much needed ‘Mommy Time’. Some of these meals may also help with those that have busy or irregular schedules due to work or extracurricular activities.

I do have ‘Snacks/Desserts’ listed as well. I always try to keep a bowl of fresh fruit out on the counter or table for the kids to snack on. Sometimes I will make a special snack or treat for us to enjoy.



Cinnamon Cream Cheese Roll Ups, scrambled eggs, fruit


PB & J, fruit

Dinner: ++

Chicken Mexicana, Rice, Salad


Jello w/fruit





Scrambled Egg Sandwiches, veggies

Dinner: ++

Poppy Seed Chicken, Rice, Green Beans, 7 Up Biscuits

**(This is a fairly quick meal to put together as Momma has a class/dance in the evening)


Something patriotic themed– will post the recipe as soon as I figure it out

(** I will try to make a few extra to take along for refreshments at the dance.)



French Toast


Soup, grilled cheese

Dinner: ++

Cookout (Hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, and all the fixins)


Something patriotic themed



Basic Muffins


Tuna Salad, veggies

Dinner: ++

Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, French FriesSalad







Hot Dogs, veggies

Dinner: ++

45 minute spaghetti sauce, noodles, SaladCheesy Garlic Bread Sticks







Ham & Cheese, veggies

Dinner: ++

Free Day

**(Check the freezer/pantry and use items to make a meal.)


7 layer cookies (** I will try to make a few extra to take along for refreshments at the dance.)



Banana Oatmeal Breakfast



Dinner: ++

Breakfast for Dinner


Blueberry Dump Cake

++I have a few kids who seem to be going through growth spurts right now and are always HUNGRY. I have been keeping a pot of beans, blackeyed peas, or other vegetable as a side. I also have been buying a few extra snacks like fruit, veggies, yogurt, etc.