Show Your American Pride With SA Co.

The 4th of July may have passed but we can show our American Pride any time of the year! Mr. Awesome and I have been working outside a lot lately. So much in fact that we both have been sunburned on the top of sunburn even though we’ve tried to be careful. I even sunburned my scalp and forehead with a bandana on! Continue reading “Show Your American Pride With SA Co.”

Midweek Walmart Trip (Hunting Supplies)

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So late Wednesday night DD18 decided she needed to go to Walmart to get a couple of things. Normally I try to wait until I do my weekly grocery trip but she insisted it couldn’t wait.

I hadn’t planned on buying anything but once we got there I realized that I needed to grab a couple of items just in case I didn’t make it back later this week. We were good on groceries but I needed a couple of items for when we go hunting the next time. (I’m hoping it’ll be this weekend.) I’m sharing what I found in the event you may also be looking for some gifts for any hunters you may know. Continue reading “Midweek Walmart Trip (Hunting Supplies)”