Weekly Challenge

I know a lot of us are busy making our holiday plans but my heart is heavy. As I was surveying my pantry for items I need for our Thanksgiving dinner I was hit with just how blessed we are. There are many families, here in our own country, states, and cities, that don’t have food for tonight much less food for Thanksgiving.

So I am going to pick out some items from my pantry and maybe pick up a couple of things at the grocery store to donate to a food pantry or church who is giving out Thanksgiving baskets.

I have been the recipient of these gifts before and I know how much I appreciated it. I know there have been times, as a single momma, that I wasn’t sure if we would have a special dinner for Thanksgiving or not. I am so thankful for all those that did give when it was needed.

So my challenge, for those that can, is to participate in a food drive this holiday season. It doesn’t take much, you don’t need to buy a whole meal (unless you feel led to), nor do you need to buy the most expensive things. Each item would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor or coworker that you could invite for dinner. Your reward will be so much greater than what you give.

If you are having trouble this time of year and you are in need there are many local resources available. Many churches, schools, and other organizations are there to help.

God Bless!